Is The First Responders Season 2 Release Date Confirmed

In recent years, Korean dramas have been capturing the hearts of many people all over the world. Currently, Korean dramas are in such high demand that people are asking for more Korean dramas in order to satisfy their desire.

The First Responders is a k-drama that has been running for a while and has gained the love and support of K-drama lovers from all around the globe.


There has been a good amount of support and ratings from fans for this drama, regardless of the fact that it is a new drama and its content is fairly new to the fans.

Season 1 is so attractive that fans have already asked for season 2. The first thing we have done in this article is to provide you with all the details about the drama, including the release date of The First Responders season 2.

The First Responders Season 2 Release Date

The First Responders Season 2 Release Date


Those who are fans of this series are wondering whether there will be a second season. A good amount of fans from all over the world have made The First Responders one of the most popular dramas.

There has already been confirmed that there will be a second season of The First Responders. In summation, it is obvious that the drama’s first season will end with a variety of questions that remain unanswered.

In the second half of 2023, we will see the release of the drama’s second season. It is not clear when the movie will be released, as the makers have not revealed any information about it.


The First Responders Season 2 Cast

The First Responders Season 2 Cast

Undoubtedly, all the cast members that appeared in the first season will appear in the second season. We have therefore provided a full list of the cast in the following listing to give you an idea of who is in the drama.

  • Kim Rae-won as Jin Ho-gae
  • Son Ho-jun as Bong Do-jin
  • Gong Seung-Yeon as Song Seol
  • Seo Hyun-Chul as Baek Cham
  • Kang Ki-doong as Gongmyung Pil
  • Ji Woo as Bong An-na

The First Responders Season 2 Plot

The First Responders Season 2 Plot

During episode 12 of the show, Jin Ho-gae and Bong Do-jin enter a burning parking lot to extinguish the fire. On this particular mission, an explosion suddenly occurred inside the space, which led to the episode ending with footage showing the panicked reactions of their fellow co-workers attempting to rescue them from the explosion.

Every episode of the season was filled with exciting stories, and there was never a dull moment in an episode. Each week, the plot of the show improved, and the character development was seamless.

The upcoming season is expected to feature a similar plotline as well. It is well known that each episode in this series shows a new case or investigation.

As a result, there is still the hope that Ho-Gae and his father, the Chief Prosecutor, might be able to reconcile, and we might finally be able to receive the conclusion we have been looking for.

In addition to the story unfolding after the death of Ma Joong-do, it will also be interesting to see how the death of Ma Joong-do affects each of the characters, especially Ma Tae-Hwa and Jin Cheol-Joong.

Song Seol and Ho-gae are also predicted to have a blossoming romance that might finally be able to blossom into a beautiful relationship after all these years.

The First Responders Season 2 Trailer

In anticipation of the second season of The First Responders, there has been a lot of excitement and high expectations. There is a great deal of anticipation among fans for the next season of the show.

Despite the fact that the makers have not yet revealed any updates on the trailer, we can assure you that it will be released soon by the makers.

As we mentioned below, you can watch the trailer for season 1 in the meantime by following the link we provided.

Where To Watch The First Responders Season 2?

Now that you know what this amazing drama is all about, you may be wondering where you can view it. You don’t need to worry because you can easily watch The First Responders’ first season on Disney+ Hotstar. In addition to the first season, the second season will also be available on Disney+ Hotstar. 

Final Word

It is a Korean drama with a high IMDB rating of 8.7 out of 10 and one of the most acclaimed series on the site. There is a lot of excitement for a new season among the fans.

The drama The First Responders has been receiving a lot of praise, and fans have very high expectations from season 2 of the drama.