Joel Kim Booster Net Worth: How Money Does He Have Made Till Now

It is no secret that Joel Kim Booster is one of the most prolific artists, writers, and illustrators in American media today. He attracted a great deal of attention from everyone because of the film he made and other works he created.

In the same way, he has a great deal of acting work under his belt, as well as being a professional animator. Kate and Sam Don’t Break Up is the first single by this multitalented artist who is also a prose writer.


Joel Kim Booster Net worth

Joel Kim Booster Net Worth

The latest reports indicate that Joel Kim Booster has a net worth of $5 million at present. Despite the fact that Joel Kim Booster has been blessed with a lot of talent and creativity, there is no denying that he is a very talented person.

At present, his main source of income comes from his stand-up comedy, but he also earns a very healthy amount of money from his acting and writing career.


He has proved that anyone who wishes to can do their dream job if they desire to do it. It is no secret that Joel Kim Booster is a self-made man, and there is no doubt that he is living the life he has always wanted and enjoying every moment of it to the fullest.

Joel Kim Booster Career

Joel Kim Booster Career

In Chicago, Booster got a job as a copywriter after moving there from California. When he was done with work, he began to play in plays and write jokes to pass the time.


Through performing as an opening act for plays in Chicago’s theatre scene, he got his start in stand-up comedy. As a comedian, he moved to New York in 2014 in order to try to make a living as a stand-up comedian.

There was a special that he appeared in 2017 called Stand-Up Presents, which was broadcast on Comedy Central. In addition to writing for Billy on the Street, Big Mouth, and The Other Two, Booster has also written for several television shows.

On November 3, 2018, he released his first stand-up album, Model Minority, which is his debut stand-up album. During the course of the material, the author discusses racism within the gay community and living in a predominantly white neighborhood and how he is not like a typical stereotype of an Asian American.

It is worth noting that Booster has played various roles, among them the one in Viper Club with Susan Sarandon in the YouTube original movie and the one with Aidy Bryant in Shrill on Hulu as The Week Of on Netflix.

A one-season sitcom on NBC, Sunnyside, co-starred him as Jun Ho, who played the role of Jun Ho in the show. A digital show titled Unsend was created by him in collaboration with Patti Harrison and premiered on Comedy Central in 2019.

There a Netflix special that Joel Kim Booster released in 2022 was a stand-up show called Joel Kim Booster: Psychosexual. This is what Abbey White had to say about Booster’s Psychosexual special in the Hollywood Reporter: “Psychosexual is a hilariously biting deconstruction and reconstruction of Booster’s identity onscreen.”.

In other words, it is not only refusing to accept the fact that he represents or is a “role model” for the various communities he belongs to but also an affirmation that as a comedian, it is his sole responsibility to tell jokes, no matter who or whose community they may speak to.”

Joel Kim Booster Families

Joel Kim Booster Families

In spite of the fact that Joel is originally from South Korea, he has lived in America since he was an infant. His parents adopted him, and a family of American parents raised him.

His biological family has not been traced on the Internet, nor is there any record of them shared by Joel. When he turned 17 years old, he was able to attend school in the public system for the first time.

Because Joel had grown up around extremely religious people most of his life, he had no idea how people lived in the outer world since he had spent all his childhood surrounded by them.

As a result of his American parents, Joel has two siblings who are the biological children of those parents. He has a brother who is also gay and a sister.

Final Verdict

Joel Kim Booster is a successful Actor, Comedian, Producer, and Writer who has achieved great success and fame in his career.

He stood out among others because of the quality of his work and the way he presented himself. As we know, he is one of the most talented and highly renowned celebrities who has achieved great fame over the years.