Kathmandu Connection Season 3 Release Date: All The Updates

Undoubtedly, Indian web series are gaining popularity in people’s hearts. It must be noted, however, that many people out there love Indian web series, especially those that are thrilling and action-packed.

Among the popular series that has captivated the attention of a massive fan base is the Kathmandu Connection, which is a very popular series.


To date, there have been two seasons in which the show has captured the attention of viewers worldwide. Thus, here in this article, we have assembled all the information we could about the series and the Kathmandu Connection season 3 release date.

Kathmandu Connection Season 3 Release Date 

Kathmandu Connection Season 3 Release Date

In the wake of the release of Season 3 of Kathmandu Connection, all eyes are still on the show’s third season, and now fans of the series are eager to know when the third season will be released.


There have been a moderate amount of ratings for the show out there, so we still hope that Kathmandu Connection Season 3 will be good for the show.

According to our information, there has yet to be a confirmed release date for the new season. Considering Kathmandu Connection Season 3 might be released in 2023 or 2024, if we follow the usual release timeline of the show, we are confident that it will be out very soon.

Kathmandu Connection Season 3 Cast

Kathmandu Connection Season 3 Cast


As mentioned earlier, the cast is another very important factor that contributes to the success of a series very much. Regarding the star cast of season 3, we know that all the previous cast members will reprise their roles.

  • Anurag Arora
  • Amit Sial
  • Gopal Datt
  • Akanksha Pandey
  • Aksha Pardasany
  • Anshuman Pushkar
  • Vedieka Dutt
  • Zakir Hussain
  • Rishabh Sharma
  • Sanjiv Chopra

Kathmandu Connection Season 3 Plot

Kathmandu Connection Season 3 Plot

Samarth Kaushik, who has served as the executive director of Kathmandu Connection Season 1 for now, has been discharged from his duties as of the last episode of the season.

There will be another round of detailed investigations in Season 2 as the series begins from scratch. After a long period of time, Samarth has finally begun to work on the actual investigation process.

While this is going on, Shivani, the loudmouth journalist from Kathmandu, decides to visit the city again. It has been reported that another brutal crime has taken place, and she is ready to delve into it; she is looking for the root cause and is ready to dig it all up.

Unfortunately, as we move forward in the story, we will be able to witness Shivani being brutally killed at the very end! It should be interesting to see what Sunny does after he escapes from the prison and how he teams up with Wajid.

The situation seems to be that Wajid is planning to execute a bomb blast, and what better way to achieve this goal than to use Sunny?

Fans don’t want you to underestimate Mishra and Samarth’s capabilities; they can stop Wajid’s destructive mission if given the opportunity.

As far as Wajid is concerned, there is only one thing he is thinking about, to make Pakistan the strongest enemy of India! An explosion is planned to occur at the border between Pakistan and India as part of the bomb blast.

Kathmandu Connection Season 3 Trailer

As of yet, there is no trailer available for the show’s third season. The makers are expected to release a trailer soon, so we can expect to see it soon.

Meanwhile, you can watch the trailer for season 2, as we have mentioned in the link below. So all you have to do is to tap on the link, and you will be able to watch the trailer.

Where To Watch Kathmandu Connection Season 3?

There must be a question in your mind right now that you would like to know where you can watch this series. It is not a surprise that this amazing, thrilling series is available on Sony Live, so you can watch it there.

In addition to this, we can also expect that when season 3 arrives, it will be available on the same streaming platform as the previous season.

Final Word

Among the most popular series that are currently being viewed on the internet is Kathmandu Connection, a thrilling and very popular series that is very popular.

It has been our pleasure to provide all the details in this article, and we hope that this will prove to be extremely helpful to you in every way.