Kim Joy Plastic Surgery: Everything You Should Know

The British baker and cookbook writer Kim-Joy is a celebrated figure in the world of baking. The Great British Bake Off’s ninth series saw her finish as one of two runners-up, as well as winning the New Year 2022 special edition of the show.

As a cake decorator for many years, Kim-Joy has been putting smiles on the faces of those around her with her iced woodland creatures, space turtles, and beautifully decorated cakes.


The cheerfulness and calmness of her personality have made her a very popular figure around the world, and she is extremely popular around the globe.

She used to work in the mental health field but has now dedicated her time to bringing as much joy as possible to people through the creation of cakes and treats that bring a little Kim-Joy into the lives of those around her.

Kim Joy was born on 17th May 1991, and she is of mixed ethnicity, i.e. English, Malaysian and Chinese. The reason behind the appearance of her appears to be unique and different is also due to her mixed ethnicity.


It appears to be the case that most of Kim Joy’s fans and followers are quite curious about whether or not she has undergone plastic surgery; not only this but there are some who are assuming that she might have had plastic surgery.

The Before and After Comparison of Kim Joy’s Plastic Surgery

Many people out there are wondering whether Kim Joy has undergone plastic surgery or not, so there is a lot of curiosity about the matter.


Fans are becoming so curious about her that some of them have even started assuming that she has undergone plastic surgery as a result of the growing amount of curiosity they have.

It is important to point out that Joe has not undergone any plastic surgery procedures in the past. There is no doubt that Kim Joe looks as if she has undergone plastic surgery. Still, her facial structure has misled her fans into believing that she has undergone plastic surgery, despite the fact that neither of these is true.

Due to the puffiness that can be seen on her face, it does appear that she had Botox injected into her cheeks. However, this is only due to the puffiness that is natural and not due to plastic surgery.

In addition to that, Joy’s lips also look like they were shaped by liposuction due to the fact that they are comparatively bigger than the average woman’s lip size.

There is an important distinction to be made about Kim, who is also a Brain Development Specialist, as she did not undergo any cosmetic procedures that caused her lips to swell and make it appear as if she had undergone plastic surgery.

Kim Joy Being Bullied

During the discussion, Kim Joy stated the instructor asked her if she was ‘making s*** up’ and that she was criticizing her technique in front of her classmates.

When Kim-Joy questioned the statements he had made about her, as well as his response to her questions, she decided to leave. As a result of being bullied, the 30-year-old baker and cookbook author posted a picture of herself crying in her car on Instagram.

She referred to her tears as mostly angry tears, followed by disappointed tears, but most importantly, she noted that they were happy tears because she stood up for herself.

Kim Joy Journey Story

Kim-Joy also mentioned later in her Stories that it was her first time attending that particular exercise class and that she had been ‘looking forward to it since she had received an email about it.

According to Kim-Joy, despite being accustomed to ‘always’ being at the bottom of the class, she enjoyed attending previous classes for ‘inspiration’ and to feel a sense of belonging in the community.

But after hearing all the bad things that she heard and experienced, she decided to leave that place. Because now she decided to stand up for herself and not be bullied.

Final Word

In spite of all the plastic surgery allegations about Kim Joy, it is the truth that she has not applied any unnatural beauty procedures for the looks that she has now, and nothing has been done that has altered her natural beauty.

As a result, all the appearances that are seen are based solely on the looks and facial features of her own body. Kim Joy is a very popular figure, and she has achieved immense popularity through all her hard work.