Kimbella Vanderhee Plastic Surgery: Is Is True That Hip Hop Star Undergone Plastic Surgery?

The American model and reality television personality Kimbella Vanderhee is well-known in the fashion world. Model Kimbella Vanderhee, based in Miami, Florida, has been featured on the cover of Black Men’s Magazine and other publications.

During the second season of the show “Love and Hip Hop”, she was cast as a cast member and became an integral part of its cast. A lot of attention is paid to Kimbella because of her relationship with famous rapper Juelz Santana. Unsurprisingly, she has become one of the most popular T.V. stars of the current time.


Early Life Of Kimbella Vanderhee 

Early Life Of Kimbella Vanderhee

She was born on October 13, 1983, and is now known as Kimberly Ann Vanderhee. In addition to being a reality star and model, she is well known for her appearance on the hit VH1 reality T.V. show “Love & Hip Hop: New York.”

Ottilie is the name of her father, and Sherry is the name of her mother. Due to the abuse, Kim experienced from her father as a child, Kim had a challenging childhood.


She was born into a family of African Americans and adopted the culture of Caucasians. Her brother Kenneth was closest to her when she was a child.

She is rumored to have a sister who is a professional D.J. named Lil Kim. If we were to discuss Kimberly’s educational background, we are sorry to inform you that we have not been able to find much information about her schooling.

Kimbella Vanderhee Platic Surgery

Kimbella Vanderhee Platic Surgery


If Kimbella Vanderhee had been asked if she had had plastic surgery, she would have to admit she did. Because of the drastic difference she looked at in the pictures taken before her surgery; people are sure she has undergone plastic surgery.

It was revealed that she had Botox, fillers for her lips, liposuction, and also had a Brazilian butt lift. There have rarely been celebrities who have been as open about plastic surgery as Kimbella Vanderhee.

She didn’t hide any information about her plastic surgery and disclosed each and every piece of information about her plastic surgery procedure.

Kimbella underwent a complete body makeover in 2021, and she showed off her before and after pictures online, showing off the results of her plastic surgery treatment.

In her statement, she revealed that she had traveled to Colombia to get all the procedures she wanted, and she detailed the journey she took to get all the procedures she needed.

Several procedures she got done on her face, including a facial treatment, the injection of fillers into her lips, and the injection of Botox into her forehead.

She had shared with her fans that about two years ago, she had undergone another plastic surgery procedure – a Brazilian butt-lift procedure just weeks after giving birth to her son, Juelz Santana James.

In addition to having a boob job, Kimbella has also had a tummy tuck. In addition to that, Kimbella also got rid of all the excess skin underneath her arms that was bothering her.

Then, of course, she had to have surgery to tighten the muscles in her arms as well. However, the doctor transfers all the fat from her arm to her buttocks.

But Kimbella had not just one but two butt implants placed when she had her butts implanted. In this case, it would be more accurate to say that it is an addiction as opposed to a feeling of insecurity.

Net Worth Of Kimbella Vanderhee

Net Worth Of Kimbella Vanderhee

The American model and reality television star Kimbella Vanderhee has an estimated net worth of $800,000. In addition to being a brand ambassador and a social media influencer, Kimbella advertises herself as a model.

Her net worth has been largely affected by her social media handles, in addition to her career in modelling and T.V. shows, which have also played a key role in determining her net worth.

Final Verdict

In addition to being a very popular television actress, Kimbella Vanderhee is always willing to share every detail of her personal life with her fans on her social media.

The important part is that she never hid anything about her plastic surgery from her fans, even though she underwent a lot of plastic surgery in the past. 

It can be seen in her Instagram profile that she has always shared the details about her surgery. Still, in addition to this, she has previously shared pictures of herself before and after the operation.