Knights & Magic Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer & More

Knight’s & Magic is a Japanese animated series that Hisago Amazake-no writes. The series narrates the story of a young Japanese man who dies in a car accident. The story takes diversion when he is reborn as a child in a parallel world where magic and giant robots are real. 

He then fulfills his longtime dream of building and piloting his mecha. It was originally written as a web novel and later got picked for publication.


Knights & Magic Season 2 Release Date

Knights & Magic Season 2

The release date for the Japanese animated series Knights And Magic has not been confirmed yet. But with the popularity gained by the show, it is pretty clear that season 2 must be released very soon, immediately after the producers have enough content. We’re expecting it to be released at the end of 2023.

Knights & Magic Season 2 Cast

Knights & Magic Season 2


The cast of season 2 is almost similar to that of season 1. However, we can expect some new additions to the show. From the sources, the cast that might appear are Aaron Roberts and Chris Wehkamp; the two artists named English for the series. 

Edgar C. Helvi Oberi plays Matthias Echevarria, Selastina Echevarria, Morgan Garrett, John Svesey, and Josh Grell play the roles of Laurie Echevarria, Dietrich Knoit, and Ryan Cylind in the film. The actresses play the roles of Blanche, Jenny Sea, and Grant Engstrom. Batson Termanen and Tia Ballard voice Stephenia Seletti.

Knights & Magic Season 2 Plot

Knights & Magic Season 2


Knight’s and Magic story is about Tsubasa Kurata, who traveled to an alternate world when he died in a car accident. The story begins when an unknown girl in a wheelchair comes to his house and tells him the story of his death and how he is born into a family with magical powers.

The show’s first season received quite a good rating on MyAnimeList with a score of 7.10 out of 100,735 votes, which is quite impressive. Hopefully, this will convince the studio that it should consider developing a new season.

In the second season of Knights and Magic, we see that Layten asks for help from Adeltrud and Archid Olter to build a Silhouette Knight. The Silhouette Knight is a humanoid-shaped weapon that causes destruction, and Layten asks for help from Adeltrud and Archid Olter to build one.

However, there is one significant obstacle that can prevent 8Bit from moving forward with a new season, and that is the lack of sufficient source material that could prevent them from moving forward.

The studio will need to either create a new story on their own for the new season or wait until they find new source material to adapt to the new season.

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Knights & Magic Season 2 Trailer

The ratings and viewership of the first season of this anime were excellent. It got lots of love from the fans and positive reviews on many websites. 

As far as season 2 is concerned, the production studio does not have enough source material to produce it yet. It is likely to get some content till 2022, so we can expect the trailer to be released that time only. However, we have mentioned the trailer link of season 1, so in case you have not watched it yet, you can watch it now.

Where To Watch Knights & Magic Season 2?

The series might release on DVDs in different cities in Japan. Later we may get to see it on some ott platform. However, nothing has been confirmed yet. Having done a great deal of research on the internet, we have come to the conclusion that this series is available to stream on Crunchyroll, a streaming platform.

When the second season comes around, it is no surprise that it will also be available on this streaming platform when it comes to the second season.

Final Word

Knight’s and Magic is a fairly young Anime that has become really popular in its short time. The first season got quite a good rating on MyAnimeList, scoring an impressive 7.10 from 100,735 votes.

There has been a pretty good performance for the show’s DVD sales in December 2017, with about 3000 units sold per week. It is definitely a worth watching show with a unique and interesting storyline.