Why Is Lena Dunham Controversy Getting Her Into Trouble?

A writer, director, actress, and producer, Lena Dunham was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1968. It is perhaps not surprising, then, that she has had some of the greatest success in her career as the creator, writer, and star of the HBO television show Girls (2012–2017).

Besides being nominated for several Emmy awards as well as two Golden Globe awards, she has done numerous television projects.


Despite her celebrity status and role in the hit series Girls, creator, writer, and star Lena Dunham has never been afraid to voice her opinion.

Even though she is a self-proclaimed feminist, she has proclaimed herself to be a liberal. For some of her more controversial statements, she is liable to receive a lot of flack from both ends of the political spectrum.

She is a hypocrite by some, claiming to be an activist while still consistently engaging in problematic behavior. Then some hate every single thing that she stands for.


As far as it is concerned, it’s hard to have a month pass by without hearing about another Lena-related controversy – especially when so many of them are happening on a daily basis.

A lack of diversity among the cast was one of the criticisms of the first season of “Girls”, which premiered in 2012, because the series takes place in New York City and, more specifically, in Brooklyn.

Several articles have written about how the first season of “Girls” was written in such a way as to produce an all-white female cast with side characters that often sounded like stereotypes.


The Day Lena Dunham’s Memoir Was Released

Lena Dunham Controversy

There can be no doubt that this was one of the most disturbing controversies Lena Dunham has ever been a victim of. Not that kind of girl: A young woman tells you what she’s learned, was a book that made some readers feel uncomfortable when it was first published, and we saw that when the book was first released that was no surprise either.

She was particularly candid in her descriptions of childhood sexual experiences that involved her younger sibling, Grace. A part of the passage reveals that she has bribed her younger sibling to kiss her and that she has looked at Grace’s private parts after she did so.

Several people labeled this as child abuse/molestation, while others chalked it up as childhood curiosity in the nature of these acts. This act, in her view, would be considered “basically any act that would be seen as sexual harassment.” Dunham responded to the allegations by stating that they were “incredibly upsetting and disgusting.” Either way, she spoke out on the matter.

She Compared Trump to Dylan Roof

Lena Dunham Controversy

Lena Dunham played right into the hands of the media in this incident that could have been avoided with just like, eight seconds of forethought.

In essence, her criticism was only aimed at the President, and many people decried him for his racism. Lena referred to Trump’s behavior when she mentioned the “take a knee” controversy for the NFL and pointed to the fact that he made racial remarks while suffering from untreated mental illness.

According to her, if he was placed under different circumstances, he would be equal to Dylann Roof. The comparison was deemed frivolous and insensitive by many people who support President Trump, and more than a few people called Lena out for it.

On the other hand, liberals have said that her statement was ableist – saying she should not have mentioned mental illness during it.

Odell Beckham Jr. was mentioned in her comments

Lena Dunham Controversy

Lena Dunham recently came under fire for being racist by a reviewer, which is not the kind of news that shocks anyone. Her white feminism has repeatedly been criticized, and her comments about people of colour are offensive to those of colour.

She claimed that she was not allowed to speak to Odell Beckham Jr. at the Met Gala due to his refusal to do so. According to her, the vibe was something like ‘Do I want to f*ck it up?'” Are they dressed in a tuxedo? Yeah, they are wrapped in a tuxedo.

The general opinion among many was that Lena Beckham Jr.’s alleged sexual assault of her was simply a matter of assuming that Beckham Jr. was sexualizing her and was being racially insensitive.

She was racially offensive in a tweet

Lena Dunham Controversy

Many people in the media took it upon themselves to dig further into Lena Dunham’s past social media postings for more gems because she has been caught saying problematic things so many times.

Among many tweets she sent in 2011, one that caught her attention was this one: “An uncool thought to have: is that guy behind me walking in the dark a rapist or not?”. But it doesn’t matter; he’s Asian.”

Even she calls it an “uncool thought”, which is the only thing that makes people angrier. In the comment section, many people pointed out that this statement was more than just uncool; she got slammed for perpetuating the myth that Asian men are somehow passive or, in some way, inherently different from other men.

There has been controversy over her involvement with Animal shelters

Lena Dunham Controversy

The Lena Dunham controversy is probably the most bizarre and mesmerizing controversy. This only makes it even more intriguing since it is so mysterious.

Lena’s adoptive puppy Lamby has probably bombarded you with pictures and posts on every social media platform you are following, as many of these pictures will be from her Instagram account.

It has been over a month since she, unfortunately, decided that due to her beloved pet’s behavioral issues, she would be unable to continue caring for it.

The shelter, where Lamby spent time during his time there, Dunham claims was a severely traumatizing experience for Lamby. In spite of this, however, Lamby’s adoption shelter claimed that during his stay in their care, he did not display any signs of behavioral issues.

Nevertheless, one of Lamby’s trainers, who spoke out, stated that sometimes, the signs of abuse in animals don’t manifest themselves for months after the abuse has occurred. 

It goes without saying that the people were interested in knowing whether or not Lena was telling the truth about her dog.

Final Word

It’s not a big deal for Lena Dunham because she keeps getting into controversies. It is, however, a fact that she often gets into such situations since it is quite common for her to undergo such a situation.

Lena Dunham’s aggressive and straightforward way of talking led her to this kind of situation. Looking at her controversies, we are sure that she does not think about getting into a problem while claiming things in her opinion.