Lisey’s Story Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Summary, Where To Watch

It is based on Stephen King’s novel Lisey’s Story, which is the basis of the series Lisey’s Story. You will realize as soon as you start watching the series that it has layers hidden under layers and that it manages to touch all the emotions and feelings of the audience at once.

There are a lot of things that will happen in this series about a woman and her strength throughout the series. It often includes elements of thriller, mystery, horror, love, and romance.


Lisey’s Story Season 2 Release Date

Lisey's Story Season 2

As of now, there is no confirmation as to when Lisey’s Story Season 2 will be released. There are a lot of indications that the confirmation will be made soon.

The second season of Lisey’s Story can be expected to air in early 2022 or mid-2022, depending on the season. It is likely that we will get any other updates about the release date of Lisey’s Story Season 2 in the near future, so we will keep you posted.


According to the channel’s announcement, it appears that Lisey’s Story Season 2 will arrive on Apple TV+ in the near future. During the period between 4th June 2021 and 16th July 2021, Lisey’s Story Season 1 aired on NBC.

It is also possible that there will be a total of eight episodes in the second season of Lisey’s Story for a total of eight episodes in the series.

Lisey’s Story Season 2 Cast

Lisey's Story Season 2


As we move forward into Lisey’s Story Season 2, we can expect to see the following characters make an appearance. There was a lot of emphasis on the strength and role of women throughout the whole series.

In order to give you a sense of what the cast of season 2 will be like, we have listed them below:

  • Julianne Moore as Lisey Landon
  • Clive Owen as Scott Landon
  • Peter Scolari as Dave Debusher
  • Will Brill as Gerd Allen Cole
  • Joan Allen as Amanda Debusher
  • Ron Cephas Jones as Professor Roger Dashmiel
  • Jennifer Jason Leigh as Darla Debusher
  • Dane DeHaan as Jim Dooley
  • Sung Kang as Officer Dan Boeckman
  • Michael Pitt as Andrew Landon
  • Omar Metwally as Dr. Hugh Alberness

Lisey’s Story Season 2 Plot

Lisey's Story Season 2

Adapted from Stephen King’s novel Lisey’s Story, this miniseries tells the story of Lisey and her family. In addition to his stories based on horror, mystery, thriller, suspense, and crime, Stephen King has also written several other works.

A series called Lisey’s Story is about a young widow who has been widowed by the famous writer Scott Landon, and the series revolves around her main character Lisa “Lisey” Landon.

As a result of Scott’s death, Lisey mostly spent her time defending her husband’s unpublished manuscripts from parties interested in acquiring them.

While sorting his possessions, Lisey discovers that a treasure hunt has been left for her by Scott, causing the plot to twist because Lisey uncovers it while sorting through his possessions.

In the later part of the series, Lisey recalls memories of her marriage through the treasure hunt Scott had left her, but she learns that she is being stalked by a psychopath who believes she is hiding Scott’s works to benefit herself.

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Lisey’s Story Season 2 Trailer

The Season 2 Trailer for Lisey’s Story has not been released officially yet. However, it is expected to be released sometime in the year 2023.

There is certainly a lot of drama, mystery, and thriller in Lisey’s Story Season 1, and the trailer will surely continue all the events that occurred in that season.

Where To Watch Lisey’s Story Season 2?

There is a mini web series entitled Lisey’s Story available on Apple TV, which, according to our search reports, is a mini web series.

Thereby, viewers will be able to watch the whole series on Apple TV as well as the second season 2 will probably appear on Apple TV as well when it comes out.

Final Word

It is no secret that Stephen King is not only a well-known author but also one of the most prolific writers on the planet. Adapted from one of his best-selling novels Lisey’s Story, these miniseries have become a great success.

Therefore, we can conclude that the miniseries has an excellent narrative and needs to be watched if you want to understand it better.