Love Is For Suckers Season 2 Release Date: Is The Show Renewed?

A Korean drama series named Love Is for Suckers is also known by its English title, Icy Cold Romance, which is getting more popular daily.

Since the premiere of this exciting series, a comedy-romance drama directed by Choi Kyu Sik has been making headlines in the entertainment industry since it was released.


There are a lot of viewers who are very excited about this series for several reasons, firstly, it is a romantic comedy, and secondly, it is a Korean drama series.

There is no doubt that Korean drama series are firmly rooted in the hearts of the youth. However, season 1 is still ongoing, and fans have already started assuming season 2 of the series.

Therefore, we have tried our best to accumulate all the possible information regarding the series, including the Love Is For Suckers season 2 release date.


Love Is For Suckers Season 2 Release Date

Love Is For Suckers Season 2 Release Date

There is no doubt that a release date is one of the most anticipated aspects of a series or movie that fans are eager to find out as soon as possible.

The first season of this series has just begun; as we already mentioned, it is still ongoing. As of October 5, 2022, the first episode of season one was released, and the reports claim that the series will continue for at least a few more episodes.


There have yet to be any details regarding the upcoming second season of the series, so it is too early to expect anything about it. However, it is true that Love Is For Sucker is becoming more popular with every passing day, and we cannot deny this fact.

Love Is For Suckers Season 2 Cast

Love Is For Suckers Season 2 Cast

The cast is another important factor that plays a key role in the success of a series. Thus we have provided the list of cast, those who are expected to appear in the series’ second season.

  • Choi Si Won as Park Jae Hoon
  • Lee Da Hee as Goo Yeo Rum
  • Cho Soo Hyang portrays Kang Chae Ri
  • Lee Joon-Yeon as Han Ji-Yeon
  • Park Yeon Woo as John Jang
  • Min Jin Woong portrays Park Dae Sik
  • Lim Ha Ryong as Goo Yong Sik
  • Yang Hee Kyung as Yoon Young Hui
  • Lee Dae Hwi as Kim Sang Woo
  • Song Jong Ho as Kim In Woo

Love Is For Suckers Season 2 Plot

Love Is For Suckers Season 2 Plot

A romantic comedy-drama titled “Love is for suckers” is a movie that portrays the relationship between two best friends who were together 20 years ago and who are now in their 30s.

As a result of an unexpected meeting on a reality show, the two friends develop a romantic relationship. The main character in the story is Goo Yeo Rum, a television producer. 

As a result of getting the opportunity to develop a new reality TV show that revolves around dating, her life changes forever. She plans to make “The Kingdom of Love” a considerable success and is determined to make this show a big hit.

As a result, she turns to her neighbor and best friend of 20 years, Park Jae Hoon, who has been a part of her life for over 20 years. In addition to being a cosmetic surgeon by profession, Park struggles to find love and balance.

Although Park has failed to find love several times, he agrees to assist his friend Goo on the show to help her find love.

While playing the roles of the producer and a cast member for the show, the couple falls in love and has trouble dealing with it.

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Love Is For Suckers Season 2 Trailer

The trailer for the second season of the series of this series has yet to be released, but there will be one soon. We mentioned above that season 1 is still ongoing, and it is too early to expect any details on the series’ second season at this time.

Hence, you do not have to worry, as we have provided the link to the trailer for season 1. If you would like to watch it right now, click the link below, and you will be taken to the video.

Where To Watch Love Is For Suckers Season 2?

There is no reason to feel bad if you haven’t watched this romantic comedy series yet because you can always watch it on Viki. If season 2 is released, it will also be available for viewing on the same platform.

Final Word

There are a lot of Korean dramas out there, but one of the most popular ones is Love Is For Sucker, which is captivating a lot of attention. 

There is no doubt that fans adore the series, and the series is still ongoing. Considering the great reviews and ratings it has received, there will be a second season based on the show’s popularity.