Maddie Baillio Weight Loss Journey And All Other Updates

In addition to being a singer and actress, Maddie Baillio is also a model. In addition to appearing on the television series Hairspray Live, she also appeared on the screen in the film Dumplin’.

The two-year journey of Maddie Baillio that she’s undergone in terms of her health and wellness is revealed in this exclusive interview! 


In 2021, Baillio was working on the Camila Cabello remake of “Cinderella” when she noticed that she could not keep up with the choreography during a scene that was cut, and she decided to focus on her health instead.

Maddie Baillio’s Secret

Since Maddie Baillio began her health journey at the beginning of 2020, she has lost 150 pounds in total, which is “more than half” of her former weight.

As a result of her efforts, Maddie Baillio lost 150 pounds in only two years, which is remarkable, to say the least. Among the benefits of being slimmer that she liked was that she was able to maintain more stamina since she was thinner. Her slimmer shape is expected to bode well for her in securing more roles, as she hopes to land more of them.


The Weight Loss Journey Of Maddie Baillio

As a result of an on-set wake-up call that led her to give up on keeping up with her co-stars, Maddie Baillio has shed 68kg since 2020.

As stated by People magazine, the 26-year-old actress revealed that she is happier than ever now that she can control her weight and that she has regained control of her life.

Over a two-year period, Maddie Baillio lost a significant amount of weight following power walking and veganism. In 2016, Ariana Grande portrayed Tracy Turnblad opposite her in Hairspray Live. At that time, she had a bigger body than she does now.


The decision Baillio made to become fitter came as the world was gripped by the COVID-19 pandemic, leaving Baillio with extra time to walk and work out.

When the pandemic started at the start of the year, she flew home to Texas after filming the movie in London and began her journey as soon as possible.

Because she had so much free time, she decided to start losing weight by walking, which was the first step in her weight loss journey.

Journey Of Maddie Baillio

During an interview, she stated that the sun was so good for her mental and physical health: ” It was possible for her to walk for 30 minutes to an hour, and the following week, it was a good 2 hours for her to walk.

At the beginning of her practice, the actress said it was “inspiring” to step onto scales and be able to see how much improvement she was making as she stepped on them.

Having followed a power walking regime and becoming a vegan over the span of two years, Maddie Baillio has lost a tremendous amount of weight. 

Baillio also said that before becoming a vegan, she removed red meat, along with walking, from her diet. She also discovered workouts she enjoyed, such as dance and hot yoga, and found that while she had that physical stamina, she was able to have a more enjoyable life.

Even though Baillio has lost weight, she says she has maintained a positive attitude toward her body during the entire process of losing weight. 

As she said in an interview, “I appreciate when people say that I look good, but I don’t comment on the physical appearance of others for the most part.”

I am saying this because I know that during my struggle – when I was so hyper-fixated on the number on the scale, and people kept telling me that I was doing well and to keep going – that wasn’t good for me.

Final Word

Although she was happy about her weight decreasing, Baillo explained that her primary goal was to maintain her weight and gain “that physical stamina that she was missing.”

In Baillio’s words, “the changing attitude inspires her to be the best she can be,” There are a lot of roles that I would like to play on Broadway that have nothing to do with my weight.

The shape of her body has changed from being more rounded to being perfect now. There is no doubt that she looks fantastic and stunning and is more confident than ever before.