Maggie Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer & More

As a young girl, Maggie tries to cope with her telepathic skills as she tries to live life as normal as possible. There is something magical about her ability to see everyone’s futures, but her own is a mess.

Adler and Mull have co-created the show, which is a romantic comedy that has a lot of potential to be a lot of fun, but looks like it may be a bit unconventional.


Maggie Season 2 Release Date

 The status of Maggie is still uncertain as of now, so there is no indication whether a second installment will be produced. There have been no viewership figures for the Hulu series released yet, and there is a chance that those numbers might never be released, according to the almighty TV Series Finale.

Although the entire series – which was released on July 6, 2022 – is based on the idea of telling the future, there is no way that we can predict what will happen in this episode.

Moreover, it has already been apparent that Maggie has been having some fumblings. In the beginning, Maggie was envisioned as an ABC show, with its first season premiering during the broadcast season of 2021-22 according to the show’s creators Justin Adler and Maggie Mull. It was reported that ABC had no room for the series in its schedule in January 2022, which led to Hulu picking up the show.


Maggie Season 2 Cast 

Psychic Maggie, played by Rebecca Rittenhouse, is the star of the Hulu series, which follows her as she foretells the future with such accuracy that she saves the lives of others, as well as her own.

In Ben, Maggie’s new neighbor and prospective husband-to-be, David Del Rio is attacking him as he tries to rob him of his belongings.

As Maggie’s friend Louise, who is also a yoga practitioner, Nichole Sakura portrays her as an actor. The most well known roles of Leonard Nam are those in Westworld, Pacific Rim: The Black, and Swamp Thing. Many of his customers will also be familiar with his portrayal of Ben and Dave in MacGyver.


There are a few single friends that Maggie has in common with Angelique Cabral, one of whom she considers to be one of her closest friends. This movie portrays Maggie’s psychic Angel, who has taught Maggie how to predict the future and teaches her how to make it happen, but he has a hard time helping her because she does not know what the end will bring, so he can be difficult to help.

Maggie Season 2 Trailer

However, we know that Maggie the short film got released on 6 july 2022. Well, there is no specific news about the exact date of season 2.

But yesterday a video was released by Hulu, regarding the second season of the short film. And the trailer has introduced many new faces. If you’d like to watch the whole video, we’ve provided a link below.

Maggie Season 2 Plot

In the current reality, it can be difficult enough to be a young woman who is single and young, let alone become a psychic at the same time.

In order to qualify as a psychic, Maggie must have true psychic abilities, which means that she is capable of seeing the future of random people and even her companions, family members, and clients.

Nevertheless, this situation begins to get much more sordid when she starts to look at her destiny when she meets an unexpected guy, and her life begins to get much more comically complicated as a result.

Taking into consideration how you believe all of these relationships are going to end, was there ever a point where you could allow yourself to feel passionately moved by them?

If she had seen what was about to happen, then that would have probably been the worst thing that could have happened to her.

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Where We Can Watch Maggie Season 2 

Obviously, Maggie is a series available exclusively on the Hulu platform, so viewers will be able to watch it exclusively there.

As soon as the second season of the show is released, it will be aired on Hulu after the release of the second season of the show. There is therefore an eagerness among the fans to find out what is happening.

Final Word

Maggie has not been renewed for a second season by Hulu, the show’s creators, or any other streaming service. It is discouraging but, it is also essential to recognize that it is still a very early stage of the project.

Hulu released all 13 episodes of the new series simultaneously on their streaming service, Hulu on Wednesday, July 6, 2022, which was the premiere date of the series. There will no doubt be some fans who will work their way through all the installments of the show, even if some audiences made quick work of it.

There is no doubt that the streamer will have to assess the viewing numbers over an extensive period of time to determine whether a show is popular enough to warrant a renewal, as it is with all new shows.