Matsya Kaand Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer & More

‘Matsya Kaand Season 2’ is an upcoming Hindi-language action thriller drama series created by actor Ajay Bhuyan, produced by Namesh Dubey, Sanket Kunde, and Gautam Talwar, and written and directed by Ajay Bhuyan. 

Currently, it is the best season of a TV series in terms of the action and dialogue we have seen so far. Despite being a crime and thriller series, the series won the audience’s hearts and made them very interested in the second season.


To receive information about season two of Matsya Kaand, if you are also among those fans looking for some info about the show, you have come to the right place. We have mentioned all the details, including Matsya Kaand season 2 release date.

Matsya Kaand Season 2 Release Date

Matsya Kaand Season 2 Release Date

It was announced on 18th November 2021 that Matsya Kaand would premiere in the first season. It consisted of 11 episodes, ranging in length from 22 minutes to 44 minutes, on average, so the total running time for the entire series is 357 minutes.


There has been no announcement about the release date of season two as far as the series is concerned. Due to this, it is not yet known when it will be released.

Nevertheless, Matsya Kaand is one of the most popular serials, attracting many fans from around the world.

Matsya Kaand Season 2 Cast

Matsya Kaand Season 2 Cast


Here is a brief introduction to the show’s cast, who made it an enjoyable series to watch with their fantastic performances and have been appreciated by the audience for their roles in this show.

Ravi Dubey plays the role of Matsya Thada in this series. Zoya Afroze plays the character of Urvashi. In the part of ACP Tejraj Singh, Ravi Kishan portrays the role of Ravi Kishan.

Anand Pandit is played by Piyush Mishra, who plays the role of Piyush Mishra. In the role of Suri, Rajesh Sharma plays the role of Rajesh Sharma.

Madhur Mittal plays Rajeshwar Singh (Raju) in the role of Rajeshwar Singh (Raju). There is a character called Sunil Ajmera, who Naved Aslam plays in this movie.

The series stars Danish Pandor as Anil Ajmera, a character played by Danish Pandor. Ritwik Sahore is playing the young Matsya in this film.

In the role of Chomu, Pritam Jaiswal plays the role of Pritam Jaiswal. Girish Sharma plays the character Bunty in the series. In addition to those mentioned above, many other actors have appeared in the series throughout its run.

Matsya Kaand Season 2 Plot

Matsya Kaand Season 2 Plot

Throughout the story, the main character is Matsya Thada, a very talented con artist, and the story’s hero. While other con artists rely on their physical strength to conduct some of the biggest scams, he relies on his intelligence to perform some of the biggest scams.

As long as he was highly tactful and kept moving from one operation to another, he managed to escape from the cop’s attention permanently. 

When ACP Tejraj makes an appearance and promises to catch him no matter how it is done, the story takes a very interesting turn. It is also viewed as a challenge by the notorious Matsya Thada.

Whenever the show’s second season is released, it will continue the story from where the first season ended, taking the events forward from where they left off.

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Matsya Kaand Season 2 Trailer

Well, if we are talking about the trailer for season 2, then there is no trailer yet for the new season. This means that fans will have to wait a bit longer before the trailer for season 2 is released.

As a matter of fact, until then, we have provided the link below where you can view the trailer for season 1.

Where To Watch Matsya Kaand Season 2?

There is no doubt that this series is exciting and thrilling, but the question is, where can you watch it? This series is available on one of the most widely used online streaming platforms, MX Player.

Final Word

Many action dramas are based on this story, and the story’s lesson is to complete your course, and what genius can make is the same, for all genius trickery is the same, and a crown of double-dealing is a thing of the past.

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