Hero Mask Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, & More

There is a Japanese anime series called Hero Mask that Netflix has produced. Pierrot, one of Japan’s most renowned animation studios, animated this video.

A television series based on Original Net Animation (ONA), which is not based on a manga series, is an action anime series. There has been a substantial fan base for the animated series since its first two seasons were broadcast.


After a well-received two-season run, Hero Mask is now being rumored to be revived for a third season by anime fans. However, we have mentioned all the information, including the Hero Mask season 3 release date.

Hero Mask Season 3 Release Date

Hero Mask Season 3 Release Date

It is worth noting that Hero Mask was originally a two-season anime series that had nothing to do with manga. The show’s writers will have to develop an entirely new plot line if Season 3 occurs.


When it comes to the renewal of a series, it is primarily up to streaming services, in this case, Netflix, to decide. Currently, there are no updates regarding Season 3 of the show. As a result of the popularity of the series, Netflix may choose to continue the series shortly. 

Hero Mask Season 3 Cast

Hero Mask Season 3 Cast

The main character in the series is James Blood, who is the main protagonist. His dedication to the Capitol Police Department has resulted in him serving in the department’s elite Special Service Unit.


Sarah Sinclair is the film’s protagonist, and she is a female character. It is currently Monica Campbell who is working as her Assistant Attorney.

One of the main supporting characters in the series is Theo Lowe. For her daughter to be able to receive a heart transplant, he took numerous doctors at the hospital hostage to force them to perform deadly operations on her.

As a result of his survival, he is used as a test subject for studies involving mysterious masks that can grant special powers to anyone who wears them as long as they wear them correctly.

It has been revealed that Harry Creighton is a former investigator who works for the LIVE Corporation now as a mercenary. As part of his role, he has been tasked with tracking down super-powered masked individuals spread throughout the city.

Hero Mask Season 3 Plot

Hero Mask Season 3 Plot

It is important to note that Hero Mask contains a supernatural element and a functional crime aspect. A fictional version of London is the setting for the series, and its main characters are William and Emily, both of whom live in the fictional London.

The Capitol Police Department and the Special Service of Crime (SSC) division report to James Blood, a fiery police officer with the Special Service of Crime division.

After learning of the death of Superior Crown Prosecutor Monica Campbell, who was investigating a high-profile case involving the LIVE Corporation, James’ life took an unexpected turn. His life has always been unusual, but it takes an unbelievable turn after learning that the death of Monica Campbell has changed everything.

There was one more surprise for James as if that wasn’t enough to get his attention. James is being targeted by a long-dead antagonist who is targeting his police station, where he works, where he used to work.

A short time after the attack, Crown Prosecutor Campbell passed away. It was unclear to James what was causing such disruptions or who was responsible for them.

Our protagonist, Sarah, and he work together to figure out who is behind these odd incidents and who is responsible for them. No matter how you look at it, it is never an easy journey to reach Truth. They become involved in a plot involving Live Corporation, as they learn the Truth in discovering it.

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Hero Mask Season 3 Trailer

There has not yet been a release date for the Hero Mask Season 3 Trailer. While we wait for Season 2 of Hero Mask to start, we invite you to watch the following trailer.

Where To Watch Hero Mask Season 3?

The third season of Hero Mask is not available yet, but soon you will be able to watch it. However, if you haven’t already seen the previous seasons on Netflix, you should watch them first.

Final Word

Hero Mask is a mystery anime that tells a conventional, lackluster story of a mystery; at worst, it fails to live up to the high expectations set on it by its creators.

But we all know that different people have another point of view. And indeed, the fans of Hero Mask are eagerly waiting for the release of season 3.