Mayor Of Kingstown Season 2 Release Date: Renewed Or Canceled?

‘Mayor of Kingstown’ is a violent criminal drama series by Taylor Sheridan and Hugh Dillon. It depicts Mike McLusky, the apparent ruler of the namesake area.

With the unenviable task of making bargains between criminal teams and the government, the “mayor” attempts to keep the town’s shaky peace.


The show has been acclaimed for assembling an incredibly brilliant cast and crew. The series’ tight, hyper-realistic tone has grabbed viewers, and the spectacular season 1 ending has heightened our anticipation for a sequel.

If you’re wondering about the series’s second season, you are in the right spot! Here is all we currently know about it.

Mayor Of Kingstown Season 2 Release Date

Mayor of Kingstown will return for a second season, Paramount+ confirmed in February 2022.


However, there is no word on when shooting will begin or an exact release date for Mayor of Kingstown season 2, which implies we may have to wait longer.

With the first season releasing in November 2021 and season 2, at the very least, under development, we may anticipate that Mayor of Kingstown season 2 will expected to arrive towards the end of 2022 or early in 2023.



Mayor Of Kingstown Season 2 Cast

Season 1 cast is expected to return in season 2:

  • Hamish Allan-Headley will perform as Robert Sawyer
  • Jeremy Renner being Mike McLusky
  • Hugh Dillon in the role of Ian Ferguson
  • Aidan Gillen in the role of Milo Sunter
  • Dianne Wiest will act as Miriam McLusky.
  • Tobi Bamtefa will perform as Deverin “Bunny” Washington
  • Derek Webster being Stevie
  • Taylor Handley being Kyle McLusky
  • Pha’rez Lass being P-Dog
  • Emma Laird will play the role of Iris
  • Kyle Chandler being Mitch McLusky

Mayor Of Kingstown Season 2 Plot

Season 1 concludes with the authorities brutally putting a stop to the Kingstown jail rebellion. Mike admits to entering the jail and dealing with the rioting convicts once he discovers Kyle’s younger brother found inside.


It quickly becomes evident that P-Dog, the forward commander, is sending a text to the critics in retaliation for the guards’ mistreatment of the convicts. As a result, Mike stands powerless as a jail guard is beheaded in front of him.

Following the custodial officer’s heinous death, the security forces around the jail opened fire, killing hundreds of detainees and putting an end to the unrest. Mike and his brother nearly escape, and the former proceeds to his wooded hideaway, where Iris awaits.

The new season will presumably begin with Mike gathering up the pieces of his enterprise following the devastating incident.

With the power balance and all channels for dialogue between authorities and criminal groups effectively disrupted, the “mayor” will have difficulty restoring normalcy.

Mike’s brother Kyle may also consider migrating to a more quiet location following his horrific experience being confined inside the jail during the riot and being abused by the convicts.

Thus, season 2 will show the McLusky family in a different circumstance than season 1, but we can anticipate Mike to tenaciously carry on his father’s and eldest brother’s violent tradition.

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Mayor Of Kingstown Season 2 Trailer

Regrettably, no trailer for Mayor of Kingstown season 2 has been released. Mayor of Kingstown’s season 1 teaser debuted in September 2021, which is embedded below, two months before the series premiered on Paramount Plus.

Thus, whenever the season 2 teaser is released, it will be two months before the series itself is released.

However, with no information on whether the show has begun production as of April 2022, a trailer seems unlikely until the latter end of the year.

Where To Watch Mayor Of Kingstown Season 2?

Mayor Of Kingstown season 2 will release on Paramount+. You can stream season 1 on Paramount+ now!