Michelle Choi Plastic Surgery: Real Or Fake?

The American model and YouTuber Michelle Choi is one of the most popular personalities on Instagram and YouTube. One of the most inspiring young ladies on Instagram, she has a massive fan base and a huge following.

A lot of the photographs she posts on her Instagram account are of fashionable outfits, selfies, daily travels, and demonstrations she performs for the public.


In recent years, her presence on social media has grown rapidly. She recently expanded her YouTube channel thanks to a blog series she wrote called Living Alone Diaries, which has become a hit.

There are 1.61 million subscribers to her YouTube channel, making it one of the most popular in the world. Most of the content she posts revolves around mental health, wellness, beauty, her life in New York, and her thoughts about these subjects.

Early Life Of Michelle Choi

Early Life Of Michelle Choi


Michelle Choi was born on the 3rd of October, 1994, in Seoul, South Korea, and was raised there. She has gained a lot of attention through her social media channels, where she shares tips and tricks for people living alone in their 20s who are living alone.

As a YouTuber, digital content creator, influencer, vlogger, beauty and wellness enthusiast, Michelle Choi is known for her engaging videos and her digital content.

At the age of 28, she has achieved immense popularity and is currently one of the most talked about people in the world. As far as her family is concerned, she hasn’t revealed anything about them.


Several reports have claimed that her parents are the owners of a dry cleaning business in California, where she lives. The identity of her younger brother, whose name is not known. 

The year 2011 was Choi’s first year at Jin-Seon Girls’ High School. In 2012, she graduated from Chelsea College of Art and Design in London with a Foundation degree, and in 2015, she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from the same institute. Also, she worked as an intern for Seoul’s Education Department after graduating from Seoul university in 2016.

What Kind Of Plastic Surgery Does Michelle Choi have?

What Kind Of Plastic Surgery Does Michelle Choi have

In addition to her astonishing looks, adorable grin, stylish manner, and phenomenal character, the Korean-American YouTube star has won the hearts of many fans.

It is also known that many of her fans are debating the fact that she has had plastic surgery. Despite the fact that Michelle Choi has undergone a few plastic surgery procedures, it is possible that she prefers to maintain her natural appearance.

Many people are genuinely shocked by how different she looks now from when she was younger, and it is hard to find old photos of her on the web.

There is no doubt that Michelle got plastic surgery in the past, but she still thinks that admitting to it would be shameful. During her visit to Korea, it is possible that the social media star had double eyelid surgery in order to widen her eyes.

Throughout her videos, it seems like she’s been trying to hide it by constantly looking up or by using makeup to hide the fact that she’s ill.

Several Reddit users report that the curvature in her left eye’s inner corner was especially severe, resulting in a gap between her eyelashes and the inner point of her left eye, which left a noticeable gap and a downward curvature between them.

The young model has also been accused of having rhinoplasty, which is most likely to have been done very well according to the norm in Korea that involves the reduction of the bridge, the tip, and the nostrils as part of the procedure.

Dating Life Of Michelle Choi?

Dating Life Of Michelle Choi

As a result of breaking up with her on-and-off partner, Michelle Choi has found a new boyfriend, Joey Kiho Kim. Although Choi has not officially confirmed that she is dating Joey, she has given hints in the past that have led her adoring fans to draw their own conclusions.

There was a time when the internet star was romantically involved with Ivan Hui. There were several segments and vlogs in which her boyfriend appeared frequently. Despite not confirming their breakup, Michelle posted pictures of herself together with a new man whose identity was not revealed to the public.

Final Verdict

As part of her life as a blogger, Michelle Choi also posts on her Instagram account about her day-to-day activities. There have been more than 1.9 million views and 80k likes on her Instagram post, “Time flies.” on the platform alone.

It is also important to mention that she is listed among the top Instagram stars on the list. Michelle Chai is leading a very wealthy life and enjoying a great fortune.