Mieruko Chan Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer & More

Based on the Japanese manga series by Tomoki Izumi, “Mieruko-chan” is a horror-comedy animation. The anime follows an average high school student named Miko Yotsuya, whose life abruptly changes when she inexplicably obtains the power to see ghosts and spirits. 

Over time, despite her initial fear, she learns to lead a normal life while ignoring the terrible apparitions following her. However, a series of unanticipated events cause her to discover that her powers, if used appropriately, can serve a higher purpose, altering her perspective and propelling her to aid those in need.


Although the miniseries may not have as many fans as famous anime like ‘My Hero Academia,’ it is commendable that the designers combined two genres to produce such an entertaining series.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the show has not only garnered the favor of critics but also received numerous positive web reviews. After the first season’s conclusion, it is natural for fans to ask when the show will return for its second installment. Likewise, we have you covered.

Mieruko Chan Season 2 Release Date

The second season of MierukoChan has yet to be released. Nevertheless, we should learn more about the second season of MierukoChan in 2022.


In 2023, Season 2 of Mieruko Chau will premiere. There is enough material to produce a second season. It appears that the series was well-received. This series has a significant social media following. Nearly 100,000 individuals follow the account’s Twitter feed.

This indicates that cash has been made from streaming, which is crucial for the possibility of a new season in 2022. There is a possibility that a new season of Mieruko Chan will be produced, but we will have to wait as the show has just been completed.

On average, it requires 2 years for a one-hour show to earn a second season. The year 2023 seems like a suitable release date.


Studio Passione produced amazing work in the first season. Given that they do not appear overburdened, it is unlikely that they will be unable to produce a second season in 2023.

It is highly improbable that Kadokawa will announce the second season for 2023 or this year. We can only anticipate the best.

Mieruko Chan Season 2 Cast

The anticipated cast of Mieruko Chan season 2 is as follows:

  • Miko Yotsuya 
  • Yulia Niguredō 
  • Mitsue Takeda 
  • Hana Yurikawa 
  • Tōko Yotsuya
  • Zen Tohno 
  • Mamoru Yotsuya 
  • Kyōsuke Yotsuya
  • Junji Rōsoku

Mieruko Chan Season 2 Plot

Miko assists Zen in shedding the burdens of his past and beginning a peaceful life in the season 1 finale by cleverly convincing the maiden shrine spirits to kill his mother’s ghost. 

Mitsue is perplexed as she receives Miko and Hana’s photograph at the shrine for an inexplicable reason. The protagonist believes she owes an offering to the shrine’s spirit for its assistance, so she resolves to make one.

However, her efforts to be kind are met with hostility, as something appears to annoy the spirits. However, as they approach Miko to consume her, she abruptly awakens in her bed, thinking it is all a nightmare. The shrine spirit and maidens follow the protagonist covertly throughout the episode.

The second season of the horror anime is anticipated to resolve several dangling plot threads and explain some of the most urgent questions posed in the first installment. 

Miko, like the show’s fans, is confused about how and why she gained the ability to see ghosts and spirits. In addition, it is unclear why Yuria appears to have somewhat comparable abilities.

In the season finale, the photographs of Mitsue appear to convey a message, but he appears entirely lost and puzzled. In addition, neither the sender’s identity nor motivation is exposed. With the second edition of chan, fans will hopefully receive answers, and the show will finally wrap up all of the loose ends that have such perplexed viewers.

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Mieruko Chan Season 2 Trailer

No trailer has been released for Mieruko Chan season 2 yet. Check the season 1 trailer below: