Million Dollar Wheels season 2 Release Date: Will It Be Returning?

A television series called Million Dollar Wheels follows a group of highly competitive luxury car dealers who specialize in making their client’s wildest dreams come true by supplying them with luxury cars.

If you are an automobile fanatic or if you like to watch celebrities go wheel-hunting and enjoy watching luxury cars, then Million Dollar Wheels is a must-watch documentary for you.


Immediately following Million Dollar Wheels’ grand opening, the fans of the show all go into a tailspin – they are eagerly awaiting the next instalment in the series in the near future.

Our goal is to provide you with all the information you need about this series, as well as some information about when Million Dollar Wheels season 2 is going to be released.

Million Dollar Wheels Season 2 Release Date

Million Dollar Wheels Season 2 Release Date


We have already mentioned above that the craze for the upcoming season of one of the most popular car shows, Million Dollar Wheels, is growing rapidly.

Unfortunately, there have been no announcements regarding the release date of Million Dollar Wheels Season 2, so it is still being determined when it will be released.

The excitement level of fans is so high that they are asking for more and more content to watch in terms of luxury cars.


There is no word on when the series will air, but all we can say for now is that we have to wait till the makers do not give us any information about it.

Million Dollar Wheels Season 2 Cast

Million Dollar Wheels Season 2 Cast

It is widely known that the first edition of Million Dollar Wheels was a hit because of the selection of the star cast. There has yet to be any confirmation as to what will happen in season 2. In the upcoming season, we can expect all of the popular faces to reappear as well.

  • Rd Whittington
  • Chadwick Hopkins
  • Melissa D. Perry
  • Omar McGee
  • Tom Holland
  • Jamie Foxx
  • Kim Kardashian
  • J Balvin
  • Sholom Gelt
  • Tayler Holder

Million Dollar Wheels Season 2 Plot

Million Dollar Wheels Season 2 Plot

It is no secret that celebs are notorious for their love of luxury cars, and we all know what they have. There is a great deal of focus placed on just that in Million Dollar Wheels.

As part of the show that RD Whittington hosts, some of Hollywood’s biggest stars are seen searching through the inventory of Whittington’s celebrity car dealership.

Whether a Rolls Royce, a Ferrari, or a McLaren, Whittington has the right vehicle for everyone. It gives viewers a chance to embark on a journey with their favourite stars as they explore the world of automobiles to see what will be the next big investment they make.

As of November 28, 2022, Million Dollar Wheels season one has ended. And now the fans of the series are eagerly waiting for the second season of the series.

There is a lot of anticipation surrounding the release of season 2, and fans eagerly look forward to it. Thus, we are sure that season 2 will have a lot of fun elements.

Million Dollar Wheels Season 2 Trailer

Season 2 still needs to be dated, so it is too early to expect a trailer for it. As we mentioned above, there has yet to be a release date for it. 

Meanwhile, you can look at the trailer for season 1 by clicking on the link below. Thus, we highly recommend you watch the trailer if you like cars.

Where To Watch Million Dollar Wheels Season 2?

Having said that, if you have yet to see the show and are wondering where to watch it. Well, it’s good to know that Million Dollar Wheels can now be seen on Amazon Prime Video by viewers all across the world. Whenever the next instalment comes out, it will also be released on the same platform as the current one.

Final Word

Fans are curious to see which celebrities will be featured in Million Dollar Wheels season 2 and which celebrities will not be featured. It should be noted, however, that we will only be able to unravel the suspense once a release date has been determined for the second season.

On the show, viewers get a chance to see some extremely rare and luxurious cars that are available for purchase. The show has drama and fights like all other reality shows, and there are some parts where it is especially entertaining.