Monster High: The Movie Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer & More

This film shows kids as the children of famous horror monsters, an adaptation of the highly popular Monster High franchise. Additionally, the streaming platform and network announced that the movie would premiere early in October, just in time for Halloween.

The story revolves around a teenage girl who arrives at Monster High School, but just before she settles in, she is threatened by an evil force that threatens to destroy the friendships that she has made.


Monster High The Movie Release Date

Fans often wonder when it is going to be released, which is one of the most obvious questions they have. In an initial announcement, Monster High: The Movie was to be released on February 23, 2021.

Ever since the announcement was made on the news that the movie was going to be released, fans have been speculating about when the movie will be released. A premiere date has been confirmed for Monster High: The Movie, which will be on October 6, 2022.

As the animated film is still a long way away from making it to the screen, fans are eagerly awaiting the release of the film as soon as possible. There are many other amazing films you can watch on the platform as a waiting period until the movie sets its premiere date.


Monster High The Movie Cast

monster high the movie release date

There is no doubt that the upcoming film is going to have a spectacular cast. Several familiar faces will be appearing in the film, so be prepared for some familiar faces.


This section will take a look at the cast of characters who will be appearing in the film in order to determine who is going to play whom.

  • Miia Harris as Clawdeen Wolf
  • Ceci Balagot as Frankie Stein
  • Nayah Damasen as Draculaura
  • Case Walker as Deuce Gorgon
  • Kyle Selig as Mr. Komos, 
  • Marci T. House as Headmistress Bloodgood
  • Scotch Ellis Loring as Apollo
  • Steve Valentine as Dracula, 
  • Jy Prishkulnik as Cleo de Nile,
  • Lina Lecompte as Lagoona Blue,
  • Justin Derickson as Heath Burns
  • Lilah Fitzgerald as Ghoulia Yelps
  • Nasiv Sall as Abbey Bominable

Monster High The Movie Plot

monster high the movie release date

It has been officially revealed what the movie’s plot would be. ‘Monster High: The Movie’ follows Clawdeen Wolf, the half-human, half-werewolf kid from Monster High, who is told that she will be mistreated at school when she arrives at her new school.

Clawdeen feels at ease the moment she meets Frankie Stein and Draculaura for the first time. For the first time in her life, she has hidden her human half for the first time but has found a place to be herself and feel comfortable.

Monster High’s devious plan to destroy the school forces Clawdeen to face her fear and embrace her true monster identity as she discovers her true identity as she finds a way to save the day alongside her new friends.

There will be some fantasy in the film, as well as some comedy, which the audience is sure to love. In addition, it was stated that there would be a lot of twists and turns in the series that would keep the audience hooked for a very long time.

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Monster High The Movie Trailer

You do not need to worry if you were one of those people who missed watching the official trailer if you were one of those people.

We can assume that we will be able to see the official trailer very soon since the release date has been announced, so we can expect the trailer to be out a short time after that.

There have already been a total of 4.85 Million views suppressed over two weeks after the trailer was released. 

Where We Can Watch Monster High The Movie?

There has been an official confirmation that Monster High: The Movie will make its premiere on October 6, 2022. Furthermore, Nickelodeon and Paramount also made the same announcement this evening regarding the priming date for the movie on their respective platforms at the same time.

As well as this, there has been an announcement that the film will be released on Nickelodeon as well as Paramount +, and the date has not yet been confirmed.

Nickelodeon has also announced that they will remake the movie that was inspired by the Mattel franchise, following the success of the popular movie franchise.

Final Word

Among the most popular animated series on Nickelodeon, Minter High has always been one of my favourites. As a result of this, the movie will be bringing a lot of fantasy to the audience as well as a lot of humour. 

A lot of twists and turns will be included in the show, which will keep the audience interested and allow it to remain an intriguing series.