Mr. Good: Cop or Crocks Season 2 Release Date: And All Other Important Factors

Mr. Good: Cop or Crocks is a full-of-action web series that also has a pinch of romance and thrill. So if you are also a fan of such a series, then we recommend you to watch this fantastic series. 

There is no doubt that the series managed to grab a lot of attention after the first season got released. Now, there are a lot of fans who have been asking whether there will be season 2 or not.


Well, don’t worry, as today we brought this article for you with all the details available regarding the series Mr Good: Cop or Crocks.

Moreover, we also mentioned the details about Mr. Good: Cop or Crocks. So let’s move forward without wasting any further time.

Mr. Good: Cop or Crocks Season 2 Release Date

Mr. Good Cop or Crocks Season 2 Release Date


Well, we all know that web series are being demanded more and more. And it’s very normal to have more than four seasons in a web series.

Thus the demand for season 2 of Mr Good: Cop or Crocks has increased so much that there has been a lot of buzz among the fans about the renewal of the series.

However, talking about the series release date, it’s very unfortunate that the director of the series has yet to make any announcement.


But looking at the popularity of the series Mr Good: Cop or Crocks, we can say that the chances are quite high, as there has been a lot of anticipation. Moreover, the series has captured a good amount of ratings. So if season 2 arrives, then we can expect it to appear sometime in 2023.

Mr. Good: Cop or Crocks Season 2 Cast

Mr. Good Cop or Crocks Season 2 Cast

Well, it’s a documented series, so in Mr. Good: Cop Or Crock, there is no cast. In each episode, only Erik Jensen tells his story, a documentary series made up of four episodes.

You will also see some file pictures, videos, and dramatic presentations of past incidents of Erik Jensen that you would normally see in a documentary.

There is a possibility that the makers may add some real characters to the documentaries in season 2 if they decide to add something more.

Mr. Good: Cop or Crocks Season 2 Plot

Mr. Good Cop or Crocks Season 2 Plot

Whether it’s a series or movie, it wi get popular if it has a good plot. Thus talking about the plot, Mr Good: Cop or Crocks is a documentary series.

And if season 2 gets renewed, we are sure it will also be a documentary. And this documentary captured all the unspoken truths of Erik’s life.

So, in the case of documentaries, we cannot predict anything in advance as it showcases all the actual and real things that are happening at that moment.

To know what the season 2 plot will be, we have to wait for the makers to reveal some information about the series as this series is all about Erik Jensen because he opens some chapters of his life that he has never shared with anyone. So all we can do is wait until any news comes up for the series’s second season.

Mr. Good: Cop or Crocks Season 2 trailer

The trailer tells a lot about what the story is; therefore, it is one of the other important factors that every fan is quite eager to know. But in the case of the trailer for season 2, we cannot say anything now, as there is yet to be a trailer.

But till then, we can watch the trailer for the first season as we have mentioned in the link below. So all you have to do is to tap on the link, and you will be able to watch the trailer.

Where To Watch Mr. Good: Cop or Crocks Season 2?

One of the most common questions that are being asked by viewers who have yet to watch the series is where they can watch it. 

Well, nothing to worry about, as you can watch this amazing series on Netflix. So people from all over the world can watch it. Moreover, if season 2 arrives, it will indeed get released on the same streaming platform.

Final Word

The documented series has managed to grab a good amount of fan following. And it implies that season 2 will happen sometime in the future.

Thus, as promised above, we have mentioned all the details about the series. Not only this, but we have also discussed the release date of the series.