Mr InBetween Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer & More

As one of the best Australian television series released in the past few decades, Mr. Inbetween has been rated as one of the best. After the third and final season of this show aired, the series, unfortunately, came to an end.

This Australian crime drama TV series, created and written by Scott Ryan, who also stars in the series as the main lead, is a legal crime drama TV series that was released on September 25, 2018, on FX in the United States and on October 1, 2018, on Fox Showcase for Australian viewers.


Mr. InBetwwen Season 4 Release Date

Mr InBetween Season 4 Release Date

It is with regret that we have to inform you that Mr InBetween will not be returning for season 4. There were 3 seasons of this show on FX, and after the third season, the show was canceled.

Due to this fact, there won’t be a season 4 for now, so there won’t be any. Ryan has, however, raised the possibility that the character may be unexpectedly resurrected in an interview he gave in May 2021.


In an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, the actor and screenwriter revealed that they have already drafted a script for a future project they are working on. He is also renowned for the violence and humor distinctively Australian to him.

Mr InBetween Season 4 Cast

Mr InBetween Season 4 Cast

Even though there will not be a season 4 of Mr InBetween, we have provided you with the cast list for season 3.

  • Scott Ryan as Ray Shoesmith
  • Justin Rosniak as Gary Thomas
  • Brooke Satchwell as Ally
  • Nicholas Cassim as Bruce Shoesmith
  • Chika Yasumura as Brittany
  • Matt Nable as Dave
  • Natalie Tran as Jacinta
  • Lizzie Schebesta as Tatiana
  • David Michôd as Peter
  • Jackson Tozer as Vasilli
  • Firass Dirani as Davros
  • Edmund Lembke-Hogan as Nick
  • Kenny Graham as Bill Shoesmith
  • Rose Riley as Michele
  • Eddie Baroo as Kevin
  • Josh McConville as Alex
  • Kieran Darcy-Smith as Vinnie Williams
  • Ben Oxenbould as Dirk
  • Mirrah Foulkes as Kate Hall
  • Sam Cotton as Adam Kelsey
  • Jackson Heywood as Matty
  • Tessa de Josselin as Karen

Mr InBetween Season 4 Plot

Mr InBetween Season 4 Plot

According to what we know, there will be no fourth installment. In any case, if there is ever a chance that this will happen, then we can expect to see how Ray handles the loss of Bruce in the future.

While caring for his aging father, Bill (Kenny Graham), he may discover new things about himself. Then, he has to deal with the possibility that Brittany (Chika Yasumura) will discover who his father is, and he will have to face that.

After severing ties with his old boss and confidant Freddy (Damon Herriman), Ray is working freelance and feels alienated because of the hatred caused by his breakup with Freddy.

Nevertheless, Ray’s issues are exacerbated by a new link with the kingpin Rafael (Jeremy Sims), compounded by the fact that business is growing.

We will also see him connect with his new co-worker Zoe (Emily Barclay), in the fourth installment of the series. Despite all this, Ray will be forced to question his career and ethics due to an unexpected catastrophe.

So, that’s what we’re anticipating from our end as well. We will be pleased to keep you guys updated if and when we receive further updates. 

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Mr. InBetween Season 4 Trailer

The truth is that Mr. InBetween will not return for a fourth season. There is no doubt that it would be funny if a trailer for season four were released in advance.

We have included the trailer link for season 3 in the post to keep you updated. As a result, we recommend you click on the following link we have provided for you.

Where To Watch Mr InBetween Season 4?

You may be wondering where you can watch the series In MrBetween after reading all the details regarding the series In MrBetwwen, and we are here to tell you where you can watch it at.

We are happy to inform you that In MrBetween series is now available on the popular streaming platform Hulu. Therefore, watching all three seasons on Hulu simultaneously is possible.

Final Word

In the United States, Mr InBetween premiered on the FX channel, and in Australia, the show was launched on Fox Showcase a few months after its American premiere.

However, this show has achieved a lot of success and fame, but after the third season, the shoemaker announced the end of the series. Thus there won’t be any fourth season for Mr InBetween.