My Happy Marriage Anime Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer & More

Japan is at the top whenever it comes to anime series; till now, they have created amazing series of anime that have captivated huge popularity not only in Japan but all over the world.

Thus, today, we will discuss another upcoming anime series: My Happy Marriage. There is a huge demand for Japanese light novels, and recently the demand has increased so much that there are many fans of such series.


My Happy Marriage is another popular Japanese light novel that was one of the greatest novels among the various novels. And now, it is coming in the form of anime; thus, fans of the novel are very much excited to watch it in the form of anime series.

Therefore, today in this article, we have discussed each and every detail about the series, and not only this, but we have also talked about My Happy Marriage release date.

My Happy Marriage Anime Release Date

My Happy Marriage Anime Release Date


The novel of this series was released in the year 2019, and soon it became very popular among Japanese light novels. The makers of this novel were not expecting it to get so popular, and it was all unexpected.

After the novel got released and became so popular, it was published in the form of manga series too, and now it’s time for an anime version. Thus the fans of the novel are very much excited about the release of the series.

In April 2022, it was announced by the Kinema Citrus studio that there would be an anime version of My Happy Marriage.


However, the work and production have already started, but the makers of the series have yet to reveal any specific date for the release of the anime series.

However, we can expect the series to get released in 2023; it might appear in mid or late. So all we can do is wait for the makers to release the series as soon as possible.

My Happy Marriage Anime Cast

My Happy Marriage Anime Cast

In the anime series My Happy Marriage, there is very little information available about any of the characters other than the two main characters that will be shown in the series.

Thus we have yet to have any names, therefore, all we can do is wait till the series gets released or the makers don’t reveal anything about the characters.

My Happy Marriage Anime Plot

My Happy Marriage Anime Plot

In this story, we can see a main female protagonist who is born into a family where everyone has some supernatural abilities. Interestingly, she doesn’t have any supernatural powers or abilities.

Her name is Miyo Saimiri, and she has been discriminated against since birth because she doesn’t hold any power. Her own family doesn’t like her,  as we can see that her stepmother and her siblings tortured her a lot, and on the other side, her cousin doesn’t care about what she is going through.

She has gone through immense pain, and half of her life she has spent in grief and sadness. But she always prayed and thought she would definitely get a loving partner who would love through all her ups and downs.

But unfortunately,  she has been married to an emotionless and very rude soldier, and he isn’t even interested in marrying her. Thus she left no energy and decided to let destiny fix whatever she had, and she will accept the fate she has.

After getting married, she learned that her husband was nothing but a monster with no emotion.

His husband’s name is Kiyoka Kudou; he lives in his world and has a very painful past, making him realize that love is nothing. But as time passes, both of them come closer to each other and realize what love is.

My Happy Marriage Anime Trailer

The production house has already released the trailer so that you can watch it. In case you have not watched it, don’t worry; as we have mentioned, the trailer link is below, all you have to do is to tap on the link, and you will be able to watch the video.

Where To Watch My Happy Marriage Anime?

Once the series gets released, you will be able to watch all the episodes of this anime series on Anime-Planet.

Final Word

Both the novel and manga have received immense popularity, and the fans have very high expectations from the anime version. The anime version will also get famous, and fans will surely like it.

As a result, we have discussed all the details as promised, so we hope that this article can be helpful to you in your search for information.