My Little Bride 2 Release Date, Cast, Summary, Where To Watch

The Korean romantic comedy, My Little Bride, has a pretty interesting plot. In a very short period of time, this movie has been achieving immense popularity, and it has obtained great ratings in a very short period of time.

There was the first part of the series released in 2004, and the film has received great reviews from the fans. Consequently, it has caused a lot of anticipation among the fans of the movie, and as a result, they are now expecting a second sequel to the movie in the near future.


My Little Bird 2 Release Date

My Little Bride 2

A release date for the second installment of My Little Bride has yet to be announced. Considering the way things ended up in the first film, it is unlikely that there will be a sequel to the film.

As far as the sequel was concerned, the production team did not announce anything about it either. It seems that the only thing we can do is to wait and hope that the sequel will be released when it is ready. There has been a lot of hype surrounding this movie among the fans, as we mentioned in the article above.


My Little Bird 2 Cast

My Little Bride 2

My Little Bride 2 seems unlikely to happen since 18 years have already passed since the release of the original. It is unlikely that there will be a sequel to My Little Bride.

The original cast members for My Little Birdie can serve as a good example, however, even though we doubt that it is true. As a result, they are as follows:

  • Moon Geun-young as Bo-eun.
  • Kim Rae-won as sang-min.
  • Park Jin-woo as Lee Jung-woo.
  • Ahn Sun-young as Teacher Kim.
  • Kim Ji-soo is played by Bo-kyung.
  • Kim In-moon plays Bo-Eun’s granddad.
  • Song Ki-Yoon plays Bo-Eun’s father.
  • Sunwoo Eun-sook plays Bo-Eun’s mother.
  • Han Jin-hee plays sang-min’s father.
  • Kim Hye-ok plays sang-min’s mother.
  • Yoon Chan plays Yong-Joo.
  • Ryu Deok-hwan plays dong-goo.
  • Kim Han plays Young-Chul.

My Little Bird 2 Plot

My Little Bride 2

There is no way to predict the storyline for a sequel to this movie, given that the first ended in quite a satisfactory way. In the first part of the movie, we discussed some of the plot points.

The main character, Bo-eun (Moon Geun-young), is a typical 15-year-old high school student who worries about schoolwork, harbors romantic feelings for Jung-woo, as well as being the star pitcher on her baseball team.

Bo-grandfather eun “forced” his woman one day to wed Sang-min (Kim Rae-won) owing to an agreement he made with his friend Sang-grandpa min during the Korean War.

There is no doubt that Bo-eun’s grandfather’s overwhelming influence on them is one of the reasons that compel the grandchildren to marry despite their objections.

As it is revealed in a later chapter of the narrative, there is no doubt that Sang-min falls in love with Bo-eun. During the course of her covert marriage, Bo-eun begins to date Jung-woo, pretending not to have a husband, and this is the beginning of the relationship.

At the end of the movie, Sang-min reveals that he has been married to Bo-eun for a long time, but the relationship changes as both Bo-eun and Sang-min fall in love with each other.

According to that, everyone was a bit shocked but then realized that love has its own language and accepted that the couple had married.

Using this scenario as an example, we can conclude that the story ends happily. Based on the ending of the film, it is very unlikely that there will be a sequel to the film.

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My Little Bird 2 Trailer

There has been no trailer released, nor have there been any teasers released for the sequel to My Little Bride. Currently, there are no plans to continue the movie in the future.

Due to this, we have included a link below to the trailer for the first part of the film. It has now been made available to those who have not yet watched it so that they may do so now.

Where To Watch My Little Bird 2?

The AsianCrush VOD service currently allows you to watch “My Little Bride” streaming for free with ads or for free without ads on AsianCrush.

“My Little Bride” is also available for rent online on Amazon Video, Google Play Movies, YouTube, and Vudu. It is also available for download online on Amazon Video, Google Play Movies, YouTube, and Vudu.

Final Word

Among the most popular domestic films of 2004, My Little Bride was regarded as one of the most successful. During its theatrical release, the movie was able to sell around 3 million tickets.

Despite its dated nature, the movie has still remained popular because it depicts the difficulties of being a young couple. It is also enjoyable for viewers since it takes a humorous approach to the topic of arranged marriages.