My Mister Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer & More

My Mister is a heartwarming Korean drama series that aired on the Korean TV channel TvN from March 21 to May 17, 2018. In the 55th Baeksang Arts Awards, the series was awarded the Best Drama award for its production, directed by Kim Won-Seok, and it has been highly acclaimed and acclaimed.

There is an unexpected meaning to the relationship between two people in ‘My Mister,’ which is brought about by their life struggles. Well, the first season has achieved immense popularity.


And now fans are expecting My Mister season 2; we have gathered all the information related to the series. Not only this, but we have also discussed the My Mister season 2 release date.

My Mister Season 2 Release Date

My Mister Season 2 Release Date

As for the release date of the second season of My Mister, it has not been confirmed yet, but we expect it to be released by March 2023, according to its previous releasing schedule.


Although, as we mentioned above, My Mister is one of the most popular Korean series in recent years and has gained a great deal of attention in a concise period of time.

My Mister Season 2 Cast

My Mister Season 2 Cast

In season 2, it is expected that the cast of this series will remain the same. Lee Sun-Kyun is going to play the role of Park Dong-hoon in the series, which is the same cast as the one from season 1.


Lee Ji-Eun is in the role of Lee Ji-an. The role of Kim Gyu-Ri will be played by Kim Gyu-Ri, while Go Doo-shim will play the role of Go Doo-shim.

The actors portray different characters, such as Park Ho-san as Park Sang-hoon, Song Sae-byeok as Park Ki-hoon, and Lee Ji-ah as Kang Yoon-hee, played by the three actors.

In the role of Jo Ae-Ryun, Jung Young-Joo plays role of Jung Young-Joo. Jang Ki-Yong plays the role of Lee Kwang, and Son Sook plays Lee Bong-ae, the part of Lee Ji-an’s deaf grandmother, while Son Sook plays Lee Ji-an’s deaf grandmother, Lee Bong-ae.

Lee Young-Seok plays the role of Choon-dae, who plays the role of the partner of Kwang-il, in the drama Song Ki-bum, played by Ahn Seung-gyun.

As Do Joon-young, Kim Young-min represents the body, Shin Goo represents the body, Jung Jae-sung represents the body, and Jung Jae-sung represents the body of Jang Hoe-Jang, the body of the Executive Director Yoon Sang-Tae.

My Mister Season 2 Plot

My Mister Season 2 Plot

You may have seen rom-coms and lighthearted dramas before, but My Mister is far from those. There are also dark comedic moments between the dark and heavy moments.

The show’s story revolves around a 40-year-old man named Park Dong Hoon, who is the show’s protagonist. Even though he is married to a lawyer lady and lives an everyday life, he feels unhappy after living a normal life.

Because his two brothers were unemployed and relying on him for their livelihood, he was forced to take care of them while his wife had an affair with her CEO, Do Joon Young.

After receiving an unexpected bribe, Park became more focused on his work when Lee Ji An, his co-worker, saw him and saw that things had changed for him. 

As far as managing the expenses for the house is concerned, he is struggling to do so. In order to make ends meet, she is working multiple temporary part-time jobs at the same time.

Having become involved with her, Dong Hoon is caught between office rivalries and the need to help his brothers, all while trying to help him and becoming involved with her. 

It shows how an adult lives in such a competitive world due to the story. Although we do not live in Korea, the drama is so relatable that I am sure you will come to a point where you can relate to the characters in the show, even if you do not live in Korea yourself. Every fan of K drama would want to watch My Mister because it is full of emotional roller coasters.

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My Mister Season 2 Trailer

 There have been no updates regarding the release of My Mister season 2. Around the beginning of 2023, it is expected that the trailer for season 2 of the show will be released.

Till then, you can watch the trailer of season 1, as we have mentioned in the trailer below:

Where To Watch My Mister Season 2?

The first season of this show can be found on the TVN network and Netflix if you wish to watch it. When the second season of this show is released, it is pretty obvious that it will also be available on Netflix at the same time.

Final Word

In recent years, My Mister has become one of the most popular Korean dramas, and not only the Korean people but people worldwide have also become fans of this drama.

Therefore, it can be concluded that there are many fans of this show from different parts of the globe. Fans have been excited over the news that My Mister season 2 will be airing soon.