Shomin Sample Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot Trailer & More

There is no doubt that Shomin Sample was one of the most exciting series of 2015. A Japanese light novel written by Takafumi Natsuki with the same title was adapted for this film. It is called Shomin Sample, and Takafumi Natsuki wrote it.

Ichijinsha has been publishing this novel since December 2011 and selling it. The anime series based on the story Shomin Sample aired between October 2015 and December 2015.


It has almost been five years since the completion of the first season of Shomin Sample, and the series fans have been waiting for Shomin Sample Season 2 to be released for a long time. When will it be released?

However, we have accumulated all the possible information regarding the series. And not only this, but we have also mentioned details about the Shomin Sample season 2 release date.

Shomin Sample Season 2 Release Date

Shomin Sample Season 2 Release Date


Unfortunately, there has been no confirmation about the premiere dates for Shomin Sample Season 2. However, we think it will likely be released by the end of the year 2022 at the latest.

As a whole, we expect the series to follow the same 12-episode format to keep the story moving forward. There is no official announcement regarding the cancellation of the anime series, so we can only hope that it returns with another season 2 or that there will be some update regarding the anime series at this point.

However, at the same time, we should say that chances are more for the second season’s release, as Shomin Sample is a popular anime series.


Shomin Sample Season 2 Cast

Shomin Sample Season 2 Cast

In season two, it is expected that the original characters from the series will return to the series. Atsushi Tamaru will provide the voice for Kimito Kagurazaka, while Yu Serizawa will provide the voice for Aika Tenkubashi, the disciple of the Commoner Club.

Ririka Tachibana will perform the voice of Reiko Arisugawa. In contrast, of Hakua Shiodome will be performed by Rina Hidaka, Karen Jinryo will be performed by Sachika Misawa, Miyuki Kujo will be performed by Aoi Yuki, Yumi Hara will perform Eri Hanae, Ayumi Fujimura will perform Sakimori, Risae Matsuda will perform Maya Mibu, and Kae Tojo will be voiced by Yuka Aisaka.

Shomin Sample Season 2 Plot

Shomin Sample Season 2 Plot

A typical high school student, Kimito Kagurazaka, is the story’s main character. As a high school student, he is forced to enroll in All Girls School Seikain to fulfill his academic requirements.

To protect the innocence of noble students, the noble students are kept away from other parts of society. Hikikomori is the term used to describe graduates who may have difficulty adjusting to the outside world after graduation.

As a result of the fact that these young women do not interact with people of the opposite sex daily, they cannot be themselves.

This problem has led to the school deciding that it would better tackle it by kidnapping a commoner named Kimito. Through this, the “ordinary person” can help the girl better understand what life is like outside of the classroom.

It was a great disappointment to Kimito to find out that the school had not considered him a candidate because they believed he was a homosexual obsessed with muscle development.

There is no threat to the innocent girls’ innocence that the school has determined due to Kimito. It is revealed to him that if he were to prove wrong and agree to be a gay boy, he would either be offered asylum or castrated.

After he had entered school, he met a girl named Aika Tenkubashi shortly after he had entered the school. Something fascinating about the outside world intrigues Aika on an innocent level.

There will be a time when we can see how these girls build relationships with each other and with each other’s friends. Although the story for the second season has not been revealed yet, we can expect that the makers will continue the story that was begun in season 1.

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Shomin Sample Season 2 Trailer

The trailer for Shomin Sample’s season 2 has not been officially announced, nor has any official announcement of a release date. To keep the fans engaged until then, we have provided a link below that will allow them to view the season 1 trailer.

Where To Watch Shomin Sample Season 2?

We cannot recommend a platform where you can stream Season 2 since it has not been released yet. As of now, Funimation is the only place where you can watch the anime’s previous season.

Final Word 

There is no doubt that fans are eagerly awaiting the release of the series’s second season. Unfortunately, there is no update regarding the release date of the game as of yet.

The anime series, however, has generated a great deal of buzz, and it is expected that fans will be able to find a great deal of satisfaction in the second season of the series.