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My Secret Love Season 1 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer & More



My Secret Love Season 1

Nowadays, Thai dramas are not often in the news, and even the ones that are good enough do not get as much attention as they should, even though they are great dramas.

Thai drama is a common mistake people make when it comes to Kdrama since they are two different dramas from different countries. As an exception, it would appear that people have recognized My secret love for what it is, as opposed to what it is not.

It is a romantic Thai BL drama that has received great success both domestically and internationally. We have covered everything you need to know about this series and episode 12 of this series. If you wish to watch this series and know more about it, then you don’t have to worry because we have covered it all, including the My Secret Love Season 1 Episode 12 release date.

My secret Love Season 1 Release Date

My Secret Love Season 1 Release Date


The series of My Secret Love has just started, and at the moment, all the episodes have not been released. As of now, only 11 episodes have been released, which means that the last episode, which is episode 12, has not yet been released.

If episode 12 has not yet been released, when can we expect to see it? The fans of BL are looking forward with great anticipation to seeing the last episode of My Secret Love without any problems, but what is strange is that many of the fans do not know when the episode is scheduled to air. 

My Secret Love Season 1 Episode 12 release date is scheduled to arrive on August 20, 2022. The sad news we have to share is that episode 12 will be the last episode of My Secret Love, and I hope you will not be too upset because this drama has brought so much joy to so many of us, so I think that it will be better if we all say goodbye to it with a smile.

My Secret Love Season 1 Cast

My Secret Love Season 1 Cast

A good reason to try My Secret Love is that the cast has put their maximum effort into making the series. As a result, it is worthwhile to give a shot to this series as they have put their maximum effort into making it.

The TV series My Secret Love cast members include Teeraput Ruangritku, who plays Kim; Chatchawan Jitraxtham, who plays Mek; Cheng-Yu Chang, who plays Lee; and Phirmaraya Attavipach, who plays Kiw, Chutikaran Arethsakul who plays June, Sarawale Plubpla who plays Miw and many more.

My Secret Love Season 1 Plot

My Secret Love Season 1 Plot

The last episode of My Secret Love will probably focus on the developing relationship between Kim and Mek as well as their sweet gesture toward each other, and we can only wait to see what happens next. 

It was shown in episode 11 how the story had taken a time leap, so after a few years, Kim and his friends have finished their studies and are all getting busy with their work lives.

Upon getting a job in some office, Kim is nagging at one of his seniors, who helps him, and both seniors are female. One keeps nagging at him while the other helps him, and then that annoying senior assigns him to work to do. This client has not revealed his face to anyone, and he is a well-known artist and gardener.

As soon as they go for a drink, Kim gets wasted, and Mek takes him home, and that’s how they see each other again; then Mek starts teasing Kim again, then they leave for a drink, and Kim gets wasted, and Mek takes him home, and so they both end up together in this way. The two of them just confessed their feelings to each other at the end of the episode once again.

My secret Love Season 1 Trailer

Viewers can now watch the trailer for episode 12 of the show, which has already been released. The trailer link for episode 12 is mentioned below so that viewers can watch it now without any problem.

Where To Watch My Secret Love Season 1?

The twelfth episode of My Secret Love will be on the official YouTube Channel of Boyyent very soon, the YouTube channel contains all episodes, so if you are interested in watching it and exploring more, you can go to the channel.

Subscribe to the Youtube channel of Boyyent if you want to make sure that you won’t miss out on any new episodes when they are released so that you won’t miss any new episodes of the show.

Final Word

However, we have mentioned all the information, including Where To Watch My Secret Love season 1 episode 12 release date. As the studio has already confirmed, season 1 of the drama My Secret Love will contain only 12 episodes and conclude with the last episode at the end of the season.

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