New Amsterdam Season 4 Release Date, Plot, Trailer, And All Updates About NBC Series

‘New Amsterdam,’ produced by David Schulner, is a medical comedy show based on Eric Manheimer’s book ‘Twelve Patients: Life and Death at Bellevue Hospital.’ Dr. Max Goodwin, the new medical director of New Amsterdam Medical Center, is the focus of the series.

He intends to demolish bureaucracy and construct a system that offers people high-quality healthcare. The premiere of the show took place on September 25, 2018.


The first season met with mixed reviews, while the second season garnered a more favorable reception. The series received widespread criticism for its lack of innovation and predictable stories.

However, other critics noted that the show did an excellent job of delving into the social, cultural, and intellectual ramifications of illness and the healthcare system.

As season 3 draws to a close, fans are eager to learn if there will be a season 4. As a result, we’re here to share what we know with you.


New Amsterdam Season 4 Release Date

Season 3 of ‘New Amsterdam’ debuted on NBC on March 2, 2021, and concluded on June 8, 2021. On September 21, 2021, season 4 premiered. The series will conclude during a 13-episode fifth season.

New Amsterdam Season 4 Release date
New Amsterdam Season 4 Release date

New Amsterdam Season 4 Cast

The cast of season 4 of New Amsterdam is as follows:

  • Ryan Eggold being Dr. Max Goodwin
  • Anupam Kher in the role of Dr. Vijay Kapoor
  • Freema Agyeman played the role of Dr. Helen Sharpe
  • Janet Montgomery, in the role of Dr. Lauren Bloom
  • Tyler Labine being Dr. Ignatius “Iggy” Frome
  • Jocko Sims performed the role of Dr. Floyd Reynolds.

New Amsterdam Season 4 Plot

The staff of New Amsterdam Medical Center undergoes several upheavals in their personal and professional life throughout the third season. Dr. Vijay Kapoor resigns as head of the psychiatry department due to serious health complications. Max comes perilously near to death following a chemical release at the hospital.

New Amsterdam Season 4 Plot
New Amsterdam Season 4 Plot

The event, however, accelerates things between Max and Helen, who have been harboring affections for one another for a long time. Bloom learns something unexpected about Leyla, which threatens to upend their relationship.

We see how Iggy and Reynolds’ lives have changed after the season 3 conclusion in the fourth season. Bloom and Leyla should be able to travel long distances.

Additionally, we observed how Max’s relationship with Helen changes. As is customary, the medical staff at the hospital continues to face increasingly life-threatening situations in season 4.

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New Amsterdam Season 4 Trailer

Check the trailer of New Amsterdam season 4 below:

New Amsterdam Season 5 Release Date

In March 2022, the show was renewed for season 5. It is also announced that season 5 will release with 13 episodes. We can expect New Amsterdam season 5 to be released in 2023.

Where To Watch New Amsterdam?

You can check and watch all four seasons of New Amsterdam on NBC.