Next In Fashion Season 2 Release Date & All Other Options

A series of reality shows and competitions in the fashion industry is called Next in Fashion. Almost everyone knows that Netflix is an excellent source of entertainment for its viewers.

As one of the most popular DIY shows in the world, Next in Fashion has captivated an enormous following and has attracted a considerable amount of viewers from all over the world.


There has been an announcement that this show has been renewed for a second season, and fans are very eager to find out when the 2nd season of the show will begin.

Thus in this article, we have discussed all the detail regarding the reality show. Not only this, but we have also mentioned some information regarding the Next In Fashion season 2 release date.

Next In Fashion Season 2 Release Date

Next In Fashion Season 2 Release Date


We have already stated that the show has been renewed. Moreover, we talked about the show’s first season, then the show’s first season was released on 29 January 2020.

Fans were highly excited about the second season after watching the show’s first season. There was some rumor going around that the show would be canceled, but later, the streaming platforms confirmed that the show would be back for a second season.

It has yet to be announced when Next in Fashion will release its second season, so fans might expect to see season 2 by the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023, depending on the release date.


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Next In Fashion Season 2 Cast

Next In Fashion Season 2 Cast

However, we can expect some great designers to participate in this show. And as per the reports, we know that Tan France, Alexa Chung, and Gigi Hadid will be hosting the show.

  • Adolfo Sanchez
  • Claire Davis
  • Angel Chen
  • Minju Kim
  • Ashton Hirota
  • Marco Morante
  • Charles Lu
  • Daniel Fletcher
  • Carli Pearson
  • Kianga ‘KiKi’ Milele
  • Farai Simoyi-Agbede
  • Lorena Saravia Butcher
  • Julian Woodhouse
  • Isaac Saqib
  • Nasheli Ortiz-Gonzalez
  • Angelo Cruciani
  • Hayley Scanlan
  • Narresh Kukreja 

Next In Fashion Season 2 Plot

Next In Fashion Season 2 Plot

As part of the competition to become the next big thing in the fashion industry, the series features talented designers who participate in competitions.

As well as Tan France, a fashion designer with over 20 years of experience, and Alexa Chung, a fashion industry veteran, co-produced the collection.

It is an opportunity to meet and work with 18 of the best and brightest designers from all around the world, each of whom goes through various challenges to prove that they can be the future of Fashion.

As the show begins, the contestants are introduced as a group, and then the contestants are paired up into two groups to participate in the show’s first challenge.

As Alexa announces the contestants’ first challenge to create a red-carpet look, the contestants get very excited over the challenge’s announcement and are eager to show off their talent.

It was interesting to hear their thoughts on this challenge; most of them were confident that they could win it. There will be one female model for each team to work with, and each team will present only one look. Tan explains they have two days to conceptualize, sketch, and sew their looks before the runaway show takes place.

To surprise the contestants, he then tells them that they will not be the only judges but that they will be judged by influential tastemakers in the world of Fashion, such as global powerhouse Monique Lhuillier, who has become a global powerhouse in the fashion world.

Next In Fashion Season 2 Trailer

Well, talking about the trailer, there is no trailer available for season 2 yet. However, fans will have to wait until the makers reveal any news regarding the trailer.

But till then, they can watch the trailer for the first season in case they have yet to watch it. We have mentioned the trailer link below, all you have to do is to tap on the link, and you will be able to watch the trailer.

Where To Watch Next In Fashion Season 2?

You must be wondering where to watch this fantastic fashion reality show—however, nothing to worry about as the show is available on Netflix.

Final Word

Next In Fashion is one of the most popular reality television shows, which has captivated an enormous amount of fan following all over the world.

Thus we have mentioned all the possible information about the show in this article as we have promised. And we hope that this article will be helpful to you in every way.