One Piece Episode 1019 Release Date, Time, Where To Watch And Spoilers In 2022

Episode 1018 of One Piece concluded on a sour note for mugiwara youngster Luffy and his allies, as it appeared that they had all utilized their greatest punches against Younkou Kaido.

Luffy was utterly tired as Zoro ran to rescue his commander. Now, One Piece fans are anxious to see what will transpire during the escalating war on Onigashima.


Fans eagerly anticipate the next batch of One Piece episodes since the series is headed on an exciting new path. The last episode showed a battle between Luffy and his allies and Kaido. Luffy, Zoro, and Trafalgar put their all against Kaido and appeared to have inflicted considerable damage.

Fans are curious how one of the most powerful entities in One Piece would respond to Luffy and his companions’ assaults with Big Mom on his side. The next installment is expected to air before the end of this week. Here is all we know about the forthcoming episode.

The release date and time for One Piece episode 1019 have been determined, specifically for the Japanese dub with English subtitles on Crunchyroll.


As is typical for the great majority of anime on the streaming site, the series is aired simultaneously so that there is no time difference between fans across the world watching Luffy and the crew fight Kaido and Big Mom.

Before Episode 1019, titled “Otama’s Secret Plan! Great Operation Kibi Dango,” the Straw Hat Pirates landed only a few powerful blows against their opponents.

Kaido has countered most of their strikes with his great endurance and thick skin, while “Lin-Lin” has remained in the rear and shot homing lightning bolts throughout the battlefield.


Fortunately for Luffy, his Bounce-Man form is very springy; thus, he has survived Kaido’s flaming breath blast and Big Mom’s electric onslaught undamaged.

The only problem is that his numerous comrades are far more vulnerable, so he must save as many of them as possible before the battle overwhelms his allies.

The release date of the upcoming episode of One Piece is rapidly approaching. Here is all the information you need on One Piece Episode 1019’s release date and time.

One Piece Episode 1019 Release Date And Time

The episodes of this series are released according to a strict timetable, although the production team occasionally announces interruptions due to unanticipated situations.

However, episode 1019 will not be released until May 29, 2022. On the day of their release, the most recent episodes of the series will be accessible on Crunchyroll. The next day, the most recent episodes of One Piece will also be accessible on Funimation.

Episode 1019’s release timings in various areas are shown below.

  • Pacific Standard Time (PST): 6:00 PM (May 28)
  • Australia Central Standard Time (AST): 10:30 AM (May 29)
  • British Standard Time (BST): 2:00 AM (May 28)
  • Central European Standard Time (CEST): 3:00 AM (May 29)
  • Eastern Standard Time (EST): 9:00 PM (May 28)
  • Japanese Standard Time (JST): 10:00 AM (May 29)
  • Indian Standard Time (IST): 6:30 AM (May 28)
  • Philippine Standard Time (PhST): 9:00 AM (May 29)

One Piece Episode 1019 Release Date

One Piece Episode 1018 Recap

Episode 1018 of One Piece resumed the conflict between the emperors and the worst generation. Because he is a rubber man, Luffy did not appear to be impacted by Big Mom’s lighting crisis, whereas other worse generations were having a difficult time.

In addition, Kaido’s Blast Breath had no impact on Luffy either. Luffy then promptly used King Gon Gun Gattaling on Kaido, landing one hundred blows.

Essentially, it is the same strike that defeated Doflamingo, but 10 times more powerful. His fists did assist in bringing Kaido to the ground. Luffy meant to deliver one more blow but ran out of energy and slumped near Kaido.

When Law and Kid believed they had the opportunity to kill Kaido, Kaido stood up immediately. Zoro and Luffy were dragged up by a natural disaster strike dubbed Dragon twister employed by Kaido. Kaido even consumed Luffy as the storm sucked him into his jaws.

When all hope appeared lost for Luffy, Zoro was the one to save him. One of the Enma swords blows allowed him to wound Kaido severely. There were several assaults on Kaido, but Zoro’s appeared the most successful.

Cipher Poll Zero, the world’s most powerful intelligence agency, was observed discussing the war within the Onigashima. Orochi invited the CP0, but his feet were firmly planted on the ground.

According to the commander of the CP0, this war was unavoidable because the worst generation beat Doflamingo and because Luffy attacked Big Mom’s home.

There are 5,000 remaining alliance pirates and samurais, compared to 27,000 animal kingdom monster pirates and two emperors. The CP0 indicates that the battle’s outcome is evident.

We witness a shadow of the Kaido’s new form, the Man-Beast form, towards the end of the episode. While Luffy is already exhausted, Kaido has returned in his new form.

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One Piece Episode 1019 Spoilers And Plot

The forthcoming episode of One Piece will mostly center on Otama, the little girl from Wano who was close with Ace, Luffy’s deceased brother. Otama is also a user of a devil fruit, having the ability to influence animals with the dumplings she makes.

One Piece Episode 1019 Plot

In the One Piece 1019 preview, Otama will be seen implementing her brilliant plan to manage Kaido’s beast army, which will greatly assist Luffy’s allies.

Meanwhile, Cipher Pol may potentially make an appearance following Orochi’s alarm. As he has already expended most of his energy, Luffy has a small chance of emerging victorious from the combat.

Where To Watch One Piece Episode 1019?

The anime series debuts on several OTT platforms. Depending on your area, One Piece episodes may or may not be accessible on the following five websites: Netflix, Hulu, Funimation, Crunchyroll, and Amazon.