When Will One Room Season 4 Be Released?

Do you watch anime? Are you looking for an update on the release date of the fourth season of One Room? One Room is a popular anime series with three seasons covering the life of girls studying in school. Soon as the third season of the show ended, the public started demanding the show’s fourth season. 

Recently, news popped up regarding the release date of the fourth season of One Room. Keep reading this article as we are going to cover every recent development regarding the release date of One Room Season 4.


Is One Room Season 4 Released?

One Room Season 4 Release Date

One Room is a famous Japanese Anime series that was loved immensely by the viewers and was rated decently among the audience. It is animated by Typhoon graphics and is produced by SMIRAL. 

The show was successful, and they would have made a decent amount with it. Among the three seasons of One Room, the third season received the highest rating and love from the audience. The love for the show was such that as soon as season 3 ended, demand for the release date of season 4 fired up.


However, it’s been 2 years, and we are still short of any update on the release date of the fourth season of One Room. 

Many experts claim that One Room Season 4 might be released in the last quarter of 2022. However, the confirmed updates regarding the same are awaited. 

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What Can Be The Cast Of One Room Season 4?

One Room Season 4 Cast

The lack of updates and inputs from the makers of One Room has made it difficult to predict the characters of season 4 of the show. Season 3 did a good job among the audience, so the chances of replacement of any characters are quite low. Here is the list of characters that you can see in the fourth season of One Room:

  • Momohara voiced by Murakawa
  • Hanasaka, voiced by Ichimichi
  • Nanahashi voiced by Takahashi
  • Kotokawa voiced by Tomita
  • Hanamori voices Osaki.

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What Can We Expect From One Room Season 4?

One Room Season 4 Plot

Looking at the success of season 3 of the show, the scriptwriters and crew have to do some high-level stuff in season 4 to match the level of season 3 of One Room. Season 4 of One Room may be a new beginning for the show. 

The base of the story is that Yui goes into a new apartment where she meets with her neighbour, the home she gets connected to super early. With time she comes to know that her neighbour is studying in the dream college of her lead characters, and Yui Hanasaka then seeks help from her neighbour to clear the college entrance.

One Room Season 4 Trailer

Updates regarding the release date and concept of the trailer for season 4 of One Room are awaited. However, we can recall the story of the show’s third season from its trailer.

The trailer of One Room Season 3 was very well projected and was perfect enough to keep the audience on the verge of thrill.

Platforms To Watch One Room Season 4

Like the older seasons of the show, it is assumed that the fourth season of One Room will be released on Crunchyroll and JustWatch. Even some channels on Youtube are posting the previous episodes of the show.

Public Reviews And IMDB Ratings Of One Room

One Room Season 4 Reviews

One Room received mixed public reviews and opinions. Some loved them, and some called them an average show. Comparing the other three seasons of the show, season 3 of One Room received much applause from the viewers. If we discuss the IMDB ratings of One Room, then three seasons of the show gathered an average rating of 4.9 stars out of 10.

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Final Verdict

This article is designed to inform the readers about the release date of One Room Season 4. The blog began with the show’s release date, and then we listed down the probable characters of the show. Trailers, plots, and streaming platforms were discussed as we move forward. Finally, in the end, public reviews on One Room were noted. We hope you find this article on One Room Season 4 interesting.


Is One Room Season 4 released?

No, Season 4 of One Room is not released. We can have the fourth season in the latter half of 2022.

Is One Room Season 4 Cancelled?

According to many experts, the chances of the comeback of One Room with its fourth edition are quite high.

Will there be any change in the characters of One Room Season 4?

As season 4 is an extension of season 3, it is almost unlikely that the show will have any change in its characters.

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