Everything You Need To Know About Human Season 2

Do you like watching action thriller web series? If yes, you might have gone through a Recently released web series Human. The show has many jaw-dropping and nail-biting scenes. It was able to project the antagonist planning to clean the population to secure its evil thoughts. The show successfully delivered its message and was one … Read more

The Hunt Season 2: Confirmed Release Date

The Hunt Season 2

Do you like watching action thrillers? If your answer is yes, you should try The Hunt. The Hunt is a real-life-based web series that was featured on Amazon Prime. The amazing screenplay from the cast did absolute justice to the fantastic story from the writers, and it hit the right spot for the audience.  Many … Read more

Bless This Mess Season 3: Will It Released?

Bless This Mess Season 3

Do you like watching sitcoms? If your answer is yes, you should try the first two seasons of Bless This Mess a. Bless this Mess is one of the most requested web shows of all time. Lake Bell and Pam Grier have rightly played two of the most important roles in this show. The show … Read more

Saturday Night Live Season 49: When Will It Be Released?

Saturday Night Live Season 49

Do you like watching comedy reality shows? If your answer is yes, you might have heard of Saturday Night Live’s oldest and most original comedy show of all time. The show has been serving for 50 years and has around 48 seasons, all of which have been rated very highly on the charts.  Since the … Read more

The Americans Season 7:Is It Canceled?

The Americans Season 7

Are you looking for an update on the release of season 7 of The Americans? If yes, then this article is for you. Americans is an action thriller web show from Hollywood created by Joe Weisberg. Now it has a total of six seasons, and the total number of episodes for The Americans now is … Read more

When Will Fantasia Sango Season 2 Be Released?

Fantasia Sango Season 2

Have you heard of Fantasia Sango? Recently, many amazing series have contributed to the increase in the popularity of anime among watchers. One such show is Fantasia Sango; the show was seen in early 2022 and is one of the major hits of 2022. It has a lot of jaw-dropping moments that have contributed to … Read more

Is Leila Season 2 Release Date Announced?

Leila Season 2

Do you watch Indian web series? If yes, then you might have gone through one of the biggest hits of the Indian web series Leila. The show had its 12th episode and was first released on June 14th 2019.  It was supported immensely by the audience and was rated highly by the audience. The love … Read more

The Devil Is A Part-Timer Season 3 Release Date & More

The Devil Is A Part-Timer Season 3

Do you like watching anime web series? If your answer is yes, you might have encountered The Devil is a Part-timer. The show has two seasons, all of which trended well among the audience.  The show’s trend was such that it soon became one of the most successful anime shows. The plot and character depiction … Read more

Golden Kamuy Season 4: Is It Released or Cancelled?

Golden Kamuy Season 4

Do you like watching anime? If you answer yes, you might have seen one of the most famous anime series of all time under Golden Kamuy. The show had three seasons now, and the audience loved all three seasons of the show. Many called it one of the best anime series ever. Finally, after many … Read more

The Raid 3 Movie: Is it Released or Canceled?

The Raid 3 Movie

Do you like watching suspense thrillers? If yes, then you should give Raid a try. Raid is a thrilling drama known for its intense fight and jaw-dropping storyline. The first two parts of the movie were very decent and received much support from the audience. Many watched it multiple times due to its lead actor … Read more

Alba Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer & More

Alba Season 2

Do you like watching drama shows? If yes, then Alba can be a perfect watch for you. Alba, a series based on the Turkish novel, is one of the most demanded series of the year. The show depicts the raw talent of the cast and the amazing storyline. Once after the release of the first … Read more

Betty Season 3: Is It Cancelled or Not? Check Release Date

Betty Season 3

Do you like watching teen series? If yes, then you might have heard of Betty. Betty is a series based on a film from 2018 that is “Skate Kitchen .”It is a story of a girl that moves into a male-dominated society. The story successfully delivers the message of the struggle of teen girls in … Read more

Mike Season 2: Is It Released or Renewed? Check All Details

Mike Season 2

Do you like watching sports biographies? One such biography based on the famous boxer Mike Tyson is one such series that perfectly shows the struggles of Mike across his life. Once it hit the screen, the show received a lot of appreciation and was one of the most recognised web shows of 2022. As the … Read more

Your Lie in April Season 2: What Do We Know So Far?

Your Lie in April Season 2

Do you like watching Japanese Manga series? If yes, you might have heard of the Japanese show released in 2014. It is one of the top-rated shows of all time due to its engaging storyline and amazing screenplay. The first season ended in March 2015. And it ended on a high note. Season 1 of … Read more

Psychic Princess Season 2: Is it Canceled?

Psychic Princess Season 2

Are you a fan of anime? If yes, then Psychic Princess will surely interest you. Psychic Princess is a famous web series from China released in November 2018 that was appreciated by anime fans worldwide. Many rated it one of the best anime of that time due to its unique storyline and collaborative work from … Read more

The Serpent Queen Season 2: Is it Canceled or Renewed?

The Serpent Queen Season 2

Do you like watching web series? If you have nodded your head in agreement, you might have heard of the latest and trending hit of 2022, The Serpent Queen. The Serpent Queen is one of the most discussed and celebrated web shows of 2022. The show’s story is unique and has contributed greatly to its … Read more

Miraculous Season 7: When Will It Be Released?

Miraculous Season 7

Do you like action anime? Have you ever come across Miraculous? Miraculous is one of the most popular anime series of all time. It is an action romantic web series. Due to fantastic work from the directors, voice artists and other crew members, this show has successfully projected a lot of its core storyline. It … Read more

KanColle Season 2:When Will It Be Released?

KanColle Season 2

Do you like watching anime? If yes, you would have come across one of the most talked about anime shows, KanColle. The show was received very well by the audience, and soon after its release, it became one of the top most-rated shows of that time. Many took to the internet to express their views … Read more