Golden Kamuy Season 4: Is It Released or Cancelled?

Do you like watching anime? If you answer yes, you might have seen one of the most famous anime series of all time under Golden Kamuy. The show had three seasons now, and the audience loved all three seasons of the show. Many called it one of the best anime series ever.

Finally, after many requests from the fans, the makers of Golden Kamuy have announced the arrival of the show’s fourth season. Also, the release date of the fourth episode of Golden Kamuy has also been covered in the announcement. Read the full post to understand everything related to the announcement of Golden Kamuy Season 4.


Is Golden Kamuy Season 4 Released?

When the third season of the Golden Kamuy was released, many started requesting the fourth edition of the show. Listening to the fans’ request in December 2021, makers confirmed that Golden Kamuy would have its second edition. 

Since the announcement of the show’s comeback, people could not keep calm and started talking about it on the internet; however, by that time, the show’s release date had not been announced.

But finally, on October 3rd, the show’s first episode was released, and it received an immense response from the audience. The second episode was later released on the 10th, the third on the seventeenth, and the fourth episode of season 2 is all set to be released on October 24th.


Cast of Golden Kamuy Season 4

With the change in the production house, many expected a change in the cast of Golden Kamuy 4. However, the show’s fourth season will have more or less the same cast as in the third season. The cast that is seen in the fourth edition of the show are:

  • Ian Sinclair will display Sugimoto
  • Monica Rial will display Asirpa
  • Ben Philips will display Shiraishi
  • Greg Dulcie will display Hijikata
  • David Novinski will display Kadokura
  • Orion Pitts will display Ogata
  • David Matranga will display Tanigaki
  • Kent Williams will display Nagakura
  • Ricco Fajardo will display Kiroranke
  • Quinn Angell will display Hajime
  • Daman Mills will display Koito
  • Bryn Apprill will display Chiyotarou
  • Howard Wang will display Cikapasi
  • Sarah Wiedenheft will display Ponoka
  • Chris Gardner will display Kirawus

The Plot of Golden Kamuy Season 4 

Like the show’s previous three seasons, the fourth edition of Golden Kamuy promises a roller coaster ride for its viewers. The story starts in the Northern field of Hokkaido. 

After the war, an immortal soldier named Sugimoto was seen needing money for an unsaid purpose. In search of this money, Sugimoto was taken to the map, which hints towards the treasure.


The only thing that was stopping him was the girl named Ashiripa. But the treasure is the only hope for our Immortal Sugimoto. 

In combination with the beautiful nature and the struggle to find the treasure is the major highlight of the show. Episode four is set to spice up the story on October 24th 2022.

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Golden Kamuy Season 4 Trailer

The show’s fourth season is already a huge success thanks to its well-edited trailer. The show’s trailer successfully maintains the hype and thrill of the show. You can go through the trailer here.

Golden Kamuy Season 4: Where To Watch?

Like all the seasons of Golden Kamuy, the show’s fourth season has also been released on 9 anime. You can watch all four seasons of the show here.

IMDB Ratings And Public Reviews On Golden Kamuy Season 4

Good responses and great ratings from the experts were the two major reasons for the fourth season of Golden Kamuy. Many fans considered it one of the most engaging shows of 2022. Another way of judging the audience’s pulse is to check the IMDB rating. On IMDB, the show has an average rating of 8.1.

Final Words

This article was written to inform our readers of the release date, cast and many more related to the Golden Kamuy Season 4. The article starts with the show’s release date, plot and cast. Then we move forward with the trailer and streaming platform for the fourth season of Golden Kamuy. In the end, public reviews were discussed.

We hope you are enjoying Golden Kamuy Season 4. Share your reviews and experience below.


Is Golden Kamuy Season 4 Released?

Yes, the fourth season of Golden Kamuy has been released. And as of now, three episodes of the season have been released.

When Will the Fourth Episode Of Golden Kamuy Season 4 Be Released?

The fourth episode of the Golden Kamuy 4 will be yours on October 24th.

Is Golden Kamuy Season 4 Worth Watching?

Yes, it is. The fourth edition of the show receives some great responses from the audience and is rated highly by the experts.