Alba Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer & More

Do you like watching drama shows? If yes, then Alba can be a perfect watch for you. Alba, a series based on the Turkish novel, is one of the most demanded series of the year. The show depicts the raw talent of the cast and the amazing storyline. Once after the release of the first season, Alba was the hot topic in every meeting.

Love for the show was such that just after the first season’s ending, requests for the second season started spicing up. Keep reading this article as we update you with every event related to the release date of the Alba Season 2.


When Will Alba Season 2 Be Released?

Drama is known to test actors’ acting skills and the crew’s directional skills. Alba stands tall on both criteria and is one of the most discussed shows of 2022. 

The first episode of the inaugural season of Alba was released on 9th March 2022, and it consists of a total of 13 episodes. All 13 episodes offer a decent watch for the viewers and are very much appreciated by the audience.

Since the last episode, the demand for the second season has been very high. However, the makers of Alba are yet to respond on the release date of the show’s second season. 


But according to many actors and insiders, the show is expected to have its second season.

Cast of Alba Season 2

The Alba season was a successful venture, and the actors in the show played their characters very well; hence we expect that the second season of Alba might have a similar cast as Alba Season 1. 

The cast of Alba Season that might be seen again in the second season are:

  • Elena Rivera will be seen as Alba.
  • Eric Masip will be seen as Bruno Costa.
  • Álvaro Rico will be seen as Jacobo Entrerríos.
  • Adriana Ozores will be seen as Mercedes Entrerríos.
  • Pol Hermoso will be seen as Rubén Entrerríos.
  • Tito Valverde will be seen as Víctor Entrerríos.
  • Jason Fernández will be seen as Hugo Roig.
  • Beatriz Segura will be seen as Clara.

Plot of Alba Season 2

Like Alba Season 1, makers are planning to deliver another great story in the show’s second season. Season 1 of Alba starts with the introduction of Alba and Bruno, and it shows how both of them go to their hometown to announce that they are dating. 

However, this news was not taken lightly, leading to the duo’s movement to Madrid.

A video then comes up in front of Alba, threatening her relationship with Bruno. Regarding this, Bruno approaches the wrong person for help. 

And from here, the first season shows the struggle of the duo to prove their relationship. Season 2 is likely to follow the same path as in season 1.

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Alba Season 2 Trailer

Until today, we are short of any updates regarding the content and release date of the second season of Alba. Keep following us. We will update you as soon as we receive any information regarding the trailer. However, you can check out the trailer of Alba Season 1.

Where to Watch Alba Season 2?

Like the first season, it is assumed that the second season of Alba will be streaming on Netflix. You must purchase a subscription to the platform to watch shows on Netflix. 

Public Reviews And IMDB Ratings

The first season of Alba was rated very highly and received pretty well by the audience and experts. Fantastic reviews and a good screenplay has contributed to the increase in demand for the second season of Alba. On the IMDB ratings, the show has a fantastic rating of 6.4 out of 10.

Final Words

This article contains all the information on the release, cast, and plot of the second season of Alba. The article initiates with the release date, cast, and plot of Alba Season 2. Later, we discussed the trailer and streaming platform of the show. Then we covered the public reviews and demand for the second season of Alba.

We hope this article was good enough to clear your doubts about Alba Season 2.


Is Alba Season 2 Cancelled?

No, season 2 of Alba is not cancelled. It is suspected that Alba will have its second edition by 2023.

Where Can I Watch Alba Season 1?

To watch season 1 of the show, you must buy a Netflix subscription. 

Will There Be Any Change In The Characters Of Alba Season 2?

No, the second season of Alba is likely to retain all the major cast from season one of Alba. However, we can expect a few new members to bring new lives into the show.