The Raid 3 Movie: Is it Released or Canceled?

Do you like watching suspense thrillers? If yes, then you should give Raid a try. Raid is a thrilling drama known for its intense fight and jaw-dropping storyline. The first two parts of the movie were very decent and received much support from the audience. Many watched it multiple times due to its lead actor Iko Uwais. 

The movie’s fan base was such that just after The Raid 2 hit the box office, demand for the third part of the show was on the verge. Kindly read this article to know everything related to The Raid 3 Movie.


When Will The Raid 3 Movie Be Released?

Both Raid one and Raid two were designed perfectly for people who like to watch thrill movies. Both parts were displayed beautifully and were supported by the audience. 

The support for the movie can be predicted by looking at the number of tickets sold. Season two of the movie sold around 1.43 million tickets. 

Despite being such a huge success, it is 8 years since the fans have been waiting for the updates on the third part of Raid 3. 


When we checked whether Raid would have its third part or not, we found that according to many experts, Raid 3 is canceled, and Raid will not have any further extension.

The Raid 3 Movie Cast

As we will not have any further parts of The Raid, listing down their cast is impossible. The cast of Raid 2 was one of the major reasons for its success. 

Following is the list of characters that were present in part 2 of The Raid:

  • Iko Uwais was seen as Rama/Yuda
  • Arifin Putra was seen as Uco
  • Oka Antara was seen as Eka
  • Tio Pakusadewo was seen as Bangun
  • Alex Abbad was seen as Bejo
  • Julie Estelle was seen as Alicia
  • Ryuhei Matsuda was seen as Keiichi Goto
  • Yayan Ruhian was seen as Prakoso
  • Kazuki Kitamura was seen as Ryuichi.

Plot of The Raid 3 Movie

Unfortunately, as the movie will not have any further seasons, talking about the plot of the third part would be impossible. However, we can recall the plot we witnessed in previous parts of the Raid. 

The second half of The Raid starts with a scene where Rama has bought his friend, who is superior and corrupt, Lt. Why. Lt. Whayu is then introduced to Lt.Bunawar, who is the head of an internal investigation.

To keep Rama safe, Bunawar kills Whayu and helps Rama to hide with other cops. The other scenes of the show display how the Ram surprises everyone and returns safely. 

To fight against Uco, Rama throws a Karambit on Uco. This leads to the death of Uco. Rama was shown limping and later shot Goto’s son to death. Rama was later offered a deal by Keichi Smirks, which he canceled.

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Trailer of The Raid 3 Movie

As we are not having any further success with the Raid. Let’s take a look at the trailer of the previous edition of The Raid. As for every successful venture, trailers played a huge role in the success of The Raid 2. You can watch the trailer by clicking on the link below.

Where Can I Watch The Raid?

Raid is available on many online platforms. For some, it is free, as in MXPlayer, or for some, you have to buy a subscription, as in Amazon Prime

Public Opinion And IMDB Ratings

Raid 2 was a huge success and gathered some great numbers at the box office. Many experts approved it as one of the unique concepts of that time. IMDB ratings of the movie also reveal the same story. On IMDB, the show is rated by 1.2 Lakh people and has a rating of 7.9 stars.

Final Words

This article is posted to update you on the release date of The Raid 3. The article first discussed the news of the movie’s cancellation, and then we recalled the plot and cast of Raid 2. As we move forward, the trailer, streaming platform, and IMDB rating of the Raid were discussed.

We hope now you are clear with the release of The Raid 3. Share your views and counterview below.


Is The Raid 3 canceled?

Yes, the release of the third part of The Raid looks impossible.

Why is The Raid 3 canceled?

The reason behind the cancellation of Raid 3 is unknown. If we get to anything regarding the same, we will update you.

Where Can I Watch Previous Parts Of The Raid 3?

You can watch The Raid 3 on Youtube, Amazon Prime, and MX Player.