Miraculous Season 7: When Will It Be Released?

Do you like action anime? Have you ever come across Miraculous? Miraculous is one of the most popular anime series of all time. It is an action romantic web series. Due to fantastic work from the directors, voice artists and other crew members, this show has successfully projected a lot of its core storyline. It is one of the most-rated anime shows of all time. 

It has 6 seasons now. And fans are waiting desperately for the seventh season of the show. This article is for you if you also want to know the latest updates on the cast, plot, and release date of Miraculous Season 7. 


Release Date of Miraculous Season 7

Miraculous is a Japanese anime series created by Thomas Astruc and based on a manga magazine. The first episode of Miraculous was first seen on the 20th of December 2015. The show is mainly famous among viewers due to its action scenes, adventurous twists and romantic storyline. All these factors have contributed a lot to the success of Miraculous as a show.

As soon as the show ended, many fans took to social media to express their views on the comeback of Miraculous with season 7. However, we do not have any updates regarding the release date of the seventh season of Miraculous. But, if the sources are to be believed, then the Miraculous will have its seventh season by 2024.

The Cast of Miraculous Season 7

As the show’s release date is very far away, predicting the cast of the seventh season can be tricky. However, going by the trend and success of Miraculous, it can be assumed that the seventh season of the show will have similar characters as in previous seasons. Here is a list of a few characters that might be seen again in 


Miraculous Season 7:

  • Matthew Mercer
  • Kira Buckland
  • Ben Diskin
  • André Gordon
  • Cristina Valenzuela will portray a ladybug.
  • Hawk Moth can be seen as Keith Silverstein.
  • Mela Lee plays Tikki.
  • Max Mittelman, who has represented Plagg.
  • Alya Césaire is played by Carrie Keranen.
  • Bryce Papenbrook portrays Adrien Agreste.
  • Selah Victor displays Chloé Bourgeois.

What Can We Expect From Miraculous Season 7?

The release date of the seventh season of Miraculous is very far. Hence to assume any plot for the same would not be useful. But we can go back to the story of the previous seasons where we see Miraculous is a ladybug who follows the instructions from a Parisian Teen. This Parisian teen has acquired the ability to transform into the hero ladybug.

He transforms into a ladybug to protect the city alongside Adrien, his classmate. They are unaware of each other’s superpower and secretly contribute towards the city’s safety. The story then features the struggle of these two to save the city from various dangerous calamities.


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Is the Trailer for Miraculous Season 7 Released?

We have around two years more to go before the release date of the seventh season of Miraculous; hence listing down the prediction related to the content and release date of the trailer of Season 7 can be difficult. Therefore, you can recall your memory by watching the trailer of the previous season by clicking on this link.


Platforms To Watch Miraculous Season 7

Like the old edition of Miraculous, the show’s seventh season can be streamed on Disney Hotstar and watched. To watch it on Disney, you have to purchase a subscription. Click on this link to watch Miraculous Season 5.

Public Opinion And IMDB Ratings of Miraculous

To succeed in any show for six seasons shows how much the audience loves the show. Miraculous is one such show that has become a part of everybody’s life.

IMDB presents the same story where we see that Miraculous Season 5 has a mean rating of 8.3 out of 10 stars.

Final Words

In the article, we have discussed every point related to the seventh season of Miraculous. The post starts with updates on the release of Miraculous Season 7. Then we added the cast and a lot of the show. In the final stage of the article, the trailer, IMDb ratings, and platforms to watch Miraculous have been discussed.

We assume this post was good enough to clarify your doubts about Miraculous Season 7. Express your views below.


When Will Miraculous Season 7 Be Released?

Various reports and buzz from the entertainment industry suggest that we might have the seventh season of Miraculous in 2024.

Is Miraculous Season 7 Released?

No, season seven of Miraculous is not released. The show is expected to be available on every device by 2024.

Where Can I See Miraculous?

You can watch all the released seasons and episodes of Miraculous on Disney+ Hotstar and Just Watch.