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Typewriter Season 2: Confirmed Release Date, Cast, and many things more



Typewriter Season 2

Do you like watching horror web shows? If yes, then Typewriter would be a perfect choice for you. The Typewriter, a show featured in July 2018 on Netflix, is one of the most talked about horror shows on Netflix. Unimaginable screenplay, jaw-dropping story and smooth writing contributed to the success of the Typewriter.

It’s an amazing script from the Typewriter team that has increased demand for the second season after the end of the first season. Many fans want to know about the second season of Typewriter. Continue with this article, as we will inform you of everything related to the Typewriter Season 2.

Release Date of Typewriter Season 2

Typewriter, a famous horror series, was first seen in 2019 on Netflix. Sujoy Gosh and his production house are the director and producers of the show. The show was written superbly well and is one of the reasons why people started demanding the second season of the show as the Typewriter Season 1 ended.

However, it’s been 3 years since the show’s fans have been waiting for updates on the release date of the second season of Typewriter. Till the time of writing, any update on the release of the second season of the Typewriter is awaited. However, many experts believe that the Typewriter will have its second season.

Cast In Typewriter Season 2

It has been three years since we haven’t received any updates on the release of the show’s second season; hence predicting the show’s cast can be very difficult. However, as season 1 of Typewriter was very successful, we assume that Typewriter Season 2 will have a similar task. Here is the list of characters that might be seen again in the Typewriter:

  • Palomi Ghosh can portray Jenny Fernandes, mother of Anya and Nick 
  • Purab Kohli can portray Inspector Ravi Anand
  • Jisshu Sengupta can portray Amit Roy, a mathematics teacher, who was seen faking as Roy, the son of Fakeer.
  • Sameer Kochhar can portray Peter Fernandes, Jenny’s husband
  • Aarna Sharma can portray Sameera “Sam” Anand Aaryansh Malviya can portray Nikhil, a.k.a Nick, a member of the ghost club
  • Palash Kamble can portray Devraj “Bunty” Banerjee, who is a member of the ghost club.

Story of Typewriter Season 2

We are still not sure of the plot and task of season 2 of the Typewriter. However, if we have any updates, we will surely inform you in the future. Like season 1, the season can be a cracker. As season 1 of Typewriter takes us on an emotional and horror roller coaster ride in Goa, season 2 will be nothing different. 

Season 1 of Typewriter takes us on a horror journey where the three young friends living in Goa go on a search of villas for ghosts. And the challenges they faced in the search for that villa and the emotions of the three friends are depicted beautifully in season 1. Typewriter season 2 will look to carry this emotion and keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

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Trailer of Typewriter Season 2

To date, we do not have any updates on the release date and the things we can see in the trailer. Until the trailer’s release for the second season of Typewriter, you can watch the trailer for the first season of Typewriter.

Streaming Platform For Typewriter Season 2

Like the previous season of the Typewriter, we might see the second season only on Netflix. To watch all the episodes of season 1 of Typewriter, you must buy a subscription to Netflix. You can watch all the episodes of season 1 here.

Public Reviews And IMDB Ratings

Public support is the most important thing for any show to come back with a second season. The Typewriter is very much loved among the audience, and the second season of Typewriter is one of the most demanded shows on Netflix in recent times. On IMDB, the season has been rated by 3 thousand people and has a rating of 6.8 stars.

Final Words

In this article, we have informed our readers of everything related to the Typewriter Season 2. The post starts with a short note on the release of the second season of Typewriter. Later, we discussed the cast, plot and trailer of the show. To wrap the article, we discussed the IMDB ratings and streaming platform of Typewriter. Express your opinions below.


Is Typewriter Season 2 Canceled?

No second season of Typewriter is not canceled, but it is predicted that we might have a second season soon.

When Will Typewriter Season 2 Be Released?

Until today we have no updates on the release of the second season of Typewriter.

Can I Watch Typewriter Season 1 On Mobile?

Yes, you can watch all the episodes of season 1 on Netflix.

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