When Will Fantasia Sango Season 2 Be Released?

Have you heard of Fantasia Sango? Recently, many amazing series have contributed to the increase in the popularity of anime among watchers. One such show is Fantasia Sango; the show was seen in early 2022 and is one of the major hits of 2022. It has a lot of jaw-dropping moments that have contributed to the increase in popularity of Fantasia Sango.

The talks around Fantasia were such that as soon as season one of the show ended, many fans and viewers started talking about the release date of season 2 of Fantasia Sango.


Fantasia Sango Season 2 Release Date

Fantastic Sango Season 1 was a huge hit and received lots of clapping from the audience. It was first released in January 2022. And the final episode of the show was released on March 29 2022. Since the show’s termination, people started discussing the release date of the second season of Fantasia Songo. 

Going by the success of the first season of Fantasia Songo, it is assumed that show will surely have a second episode. However, till now, we have not received any updates regarding the release date of 

Fantasia Sango Season 2. Hence, fans are requested to be patient and keep watching this space for confirmed news on the release date of season 2 of Fantasia Sango.


Fantasia Sango Season 2 Cast

The show’s second season will have a similar cast as season 1. Based on the low that Fantasia Sango Season 1 received, makers are convinced to retain the squad from season 1 in season 2. The cast that may be repeated in Season 2 of the Fantasia Sango:

  • Mai Nakahara and Makoto Furukawa
  • Kensho Ono and Hisako Kanemoto
  • Oki
  • Share
  • Chunky
  • Teiken.

Fantasia Sango Season 2 Plot

Being a role-playing video game series, season 2 of Fantasia Sango might have some twists compared to that season 1. Season 1 of Fantasia Sango shows us how the three kingdoms in China are fighting for their lands. They undergo many wars and fight to conquer the world. Tianyuan was formed to fight against the Wangland king, an antagonist in our series. Taking it one step forward, season 2 might be more thrilling and exciting.

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When can we see the trailer for Fantasia Sango Season 2?

It’s been six months since we have been waiting for the trailer for the show’s second season. Many experts say that the show’s trailer might be seen in mid-2023. Like the trailer of season 1, we can expect interesting banter from the trailer of season 2. The trailer of season 1 was one of the show’s major highlights that contributed drastically to the success of Fantasia Sango.

Where can we watch Fantasia Sango Season 2?

Season one of the Fantasia Sango was released on WAKANIM. Similar that you can watch the second season of Fantasia Sango on WAKANIM. WAKANIM first allows you to watch the shows for free for a particular period, and later they ask for a subscription if you want to continue with the show. Get your devices ready, as we might have a second season anytime soon.

IMDB ratings of Fantasia Sango

IMDB is a perfect platform to check the buzz and popularity of the show. It allows users to check and review their favourite shows. On IMDB season one of 

Fantasia Sango has received decent numbers. On Google ratings, the show is also liked by 89% of viewers.

Final Words

This post on Fantasia Sango Season 2 is written to inform every reader about the release date and many more things about the show’s second season. The blog is initiated with the probable release date; then, we go down with a cast and trailer of the show. Later in the blog, we discussed the plot, Streaming platforms, and IMDB ratings of Fantasia Sango.

This article was good enough to guide you on Fantasia Sango Season 2. If you have any doubts and want to suggest some changes, please mention them below.


When will Fantasia Sango Season 2 be released?

As of October 6 2022, we do not have anything regarding the release of the second season of Fantasia Sango. However, According to many reports, it is suggested that the show might be back in the second half of the show.

Will there be any change in the characters and cast of Fantasia Sango Season 2?

As the first season of Fantasia Sango is, it is almost impossible that we will have any change in the second season’s cast. However, I might see an introduction of new characters.

Where can I watch Fantasia Sango?

You can binge-watch all the episodes of Fantasia Sango on WAKANIM anytime, anywhere. Also, season 2 of the show is expected to release on WAKANIM.