Osamake Season 2 Release Date, Plot, Cast, Trailer And All Details In 2022

In the second season of the animated series Osamake, Shiro/Kachi, Kuro, and Maria will band together against Sueharu Maru, nicknamed Haru aka Su-chan. When will the second season of Osananajimi ga Zettai ni Makenai Love Comedy be released? Exist other characters?

Doga Kobo, known for producing the anime Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun and Plastic Memories, created the first season of the animated television series.


Recent anime productions by the company include Sleepy Princess in Demon Castle and Ikebukuro West Gate Park. Here are all updates about season 2.

Osamake Season 2 Release Date

It takes one and a half to two years for most anime shows to return to screens. Similarly, the second run of this romance drama will likely be the same. Therefore, Season 2 of Osamaki may premiere in 2023. This section will be updated accordingly.

Osamake Season 2 Release date
Osamake Season 2 Release date

Osamake Season 2 Cast

The expected season 2 cast is as follows:

  • Sueharu Maru
  • Mitsuru Abe
  • Shun Hardy
  • Maria Momosaka
  • Kuroha Shida
  • Soichiro Kachi
  • Shirokusa Kachi
  • Midori Shida
  • Tetsuhiko Kai
  • Aoi Shida
  • Meiko Mine
  • Shion Ōragi
  • Rena Asagi
  • Akane Shida
  • Eri Momosaka

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Osamake Season 2 Plot

The tale follows a highly unique narrative that rejects anime clichés. Sueharu Maru, a 17-year-old high schooler who has been single his whole life, takes us along on his trip across the rocky terrain of adolescent love.

Kuroha Shida, Sueharu’s best friend, is extremely popular at Hozumino High School, where Sueharu also studies.


Her dazzling beauty, along with her eager charm, her friendly nature, her outgoing extrovert energy, and her helpful disposition, have earned her widespread appreciation across the school.

Kuroha and Sueharu have been neighbors from childhood and have been extremely close friends. All the lads in the school are fascinated with Kuroha and do everything they can to earn her attention, let alone become her friend.

However, things take a dramatic turn when Kuroha realizes she has romantic emotions for her childhood friend Sueharu and desires a romantic connection with him. She musters the strength to tell Sueharu how she feels about him.

The ending, however, was not what Kuroha had imagined. Sueharu admitted that it is nearly difficult for him to consider Kuroha in that manner, and he rejects her proposition without hesitation.

Kuroha was devastated upon hearing this. When Sueharu revealed that he had romantic aspirations for just one person in the entire world, the person he considers his first love and that he has never considered anybody else in terms of romanticism concerns.

Osamake Season 2 Plot
Osamake Season 2 Plot

Shirokusa Kachi is the one Sueharu desires most. Kachi is a highly popular and gorgeous young lady. But her fame is not based just on her physical appearance; her flair and fancy writing have gained her a stellar reputation and made her a school icon.

She also received the Akutami Award. Sueharu has developed love feelings for her and is motivated to pursue a relationship with her. When he met Kachi in a fortuitous encounter, his belief that he would one day be with the girl of his dreams began to become plausible.

But when he finds that Kachi, the lady of his dreams, has a boyfriend, all of his hopes are dashed. Sueharu is likewise devastated and doubts his fate, wondering why this has happened to him. He also considers what would have transpired if everything had gone according to his wish.

He had just endured all of this when Kuroha approached him with a plan to exact revenge on Kachi. The plot moves forward as Sueharu and Kuroha embark on a humorous adventure.

Osamake Season 2 Trailer

No trailer has been released for season 2. Check the season 1 trailer below: