Pathan Part 2 Release Date: What Are The Expectations?

One of the most anticipated Bollywood action drama films of the year is Pathan by Siddharth Anand, which was released in the year 2023.

So far, several positive reviews have been received for Shahrukh Khan’s new movie Pathaan. Definitely one of the most anticipated movies of 2023, Pathaan will be full of action and suspense, and it is sure to make a splash like no other.


There have been some good reviews for the first part of the movie since it was released on 25 January, and fans eagerly await the second part.

To provide you with all the relevant information about the movie, we have done our best to gather as much information as possible. In addition to that, we have also mentioned some information regarding the release date of Pathan part 2.

Pathan Part 2 Release Date

Pathan Part 2 Release Date


As we mentioned above, the first part of the series was released on 25 January, and the reviews for the first part of Pathan are so good that fans of the movie have already started making their demands for part two.

Obviously, we are going to have a good idea of whether there will be a part 2 of Pathan based on how well part 1 performs at the box office.

Moreover, according to the sources we consulted, if the film was able to make it all the way to the finish line, the director would have no hesitation in making a sequel to the film.


There has not been a confirmation from the makers of the film or Shahrukh Khan himself as to whether part 2 is a sureshot, but Sharukh has certainly given a hint that if the film is well received, they may begin development on part 2.

Pathan Part 2 Cast

Pathan Part 2 Cast

From the makers’ side, we have no idea who will play the stars in the movie’s second part. As a result, we can therefore conclude that the second installment of the movie will have the same cast as the first.

  • Shah Rukh Khan as Pathaan
  • John Abraham as Shabir Ansari
  • Ashutosh Rana as Col. Sunil Luthra
  • Siddhant Ghegadmal
  • Gavie Chahal as Captain Abrar
  • Gautam Rode
  • Dimple Kapadia
  • Shaji Chaudhary
  • Salman Khan as Avinash Singh
  • Hritik Roshan as Kabir Dhaliwal

Pathan Part 2 Plot

Pathan Part 2 Plot

The story of Pathan will be set in a dystopian future and will be a mystery thriller. The film will have John Abraham playing the role of a vast drug kingpin who takes on the role of the bad guy.

As a result of his behavior, he would become one of those ruthless individuals who would have murdered his mother. It was Jim, a RAW agent the terrorists caught, and the agency did not offer him any assistance.

As a result of that, he has been seeking revenge against India ever since. In order to destroy India by means of a biological weapon, Jim decides to work with a Pakistani Colonel to develop a biological weapon for smallpox.

Despite Pathaan’s all-in commitment to the mission and his desire to stop it, he was betrayed by Rubina Mohsik. Towards the end of the film, Rubins joins hands with Pathaan in an attempt to kill Jim with the help of the former.

A RAW agent, Pathan, will be played by Shah Rukh Khan in the film, while Deepika Padukone will play a police official. Finally, the story ends with the country being saved from the destruction caused by a biological weapon. Another case that JOCR is trying to solve might be the subject of the second part of the story.

Pathan Part 2 Trailer

Till now, there have been no updates on part 2 of Pathan, so it’s too soon to expect a trailer for part 2. However, fans will have to wait for some time till they get their hands on the trailer.

In the meantime, we can say that fans can watch the trailer for part 1, as we have mentioned in the link below. So all you have to do is to tap on the link.

Where To Watch Pathan Part 2

It was announced last week that Pathan would release on Amazon Prime after it had been released in theaters for a week. To watch the movie on any streaming platform, however, fans will have to wait for a few days so that they can enjoy the movie.

Final Word

There is a lot of emphasis on ‘Bollywood Masala’ in the film. Under the auspices of Yash Raj Studios, we will finally be able to witness King Khan on the big screen after a long wait.

The fans are extremely excited to see King Khan after such a long break and are very much looking forward to it. As a consequence, we can say that Patha will be one of the biggest blockbusters of the year 2023.