Rebellion Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer & More

Among the most famous historical drama television series of the year, Rebellion is one of the most recent releases. It was first released on 3 January 2019. 

It was a massive success within just a few episodes of this series premiere, and now it has received an entirely new season, which is Season 3, which is also a great success.


There is great excitement among the Rebellion Season 3 fans in the new season, and they are eager to know as soon as the Rebellion Season 3 release date has been announced.

Rebellion Season 3 Release Date

Rebellion Season 3 Release Date

We were pleasantly surprised by our appreciation level during the first two seasons. There is no doubt that fans are excited about the release of the third season, which is why it is only natural.


In addition to being an excellent script and cinematography, this historical drama was well-acted and well-directed, making it a success.

There is a good chance that Rebellion Season 3 will probably be released at the beginning of 2023. According to the records, there was a three-year gap between the first and third seasons of the team.

However, it’s true that Rebellion is one of the most popular historic drams that has captivated a lot of eyes, and fans are eagerly waiting for the release of season 3.


Rebellion Season 3 Cast

Rebellion Season 3 Cast

Among the actors playing Jimmy Mahon, Charlie Murphy plays Elizabeth Butler, and Ruth Bradley plays Frances O’Flaherty; Brian Gleeson plays the role of Jimmy Mahon.

Sarah Greene plays may Lacy in the series. Dolly Butler is played by Michelle Fairley, Ian McElhinney plays Edward Butler, and Paul Reid plays Stephen Duffy Lyons.

In the role of Arthur Mahon, Barry Ward plays the role of Barry Ward. As Peggy Mahon, Lydia McGuinness plays the role of Lydia McGuinness. Jordanne Jones plays Minnie Mahon. Jason Cullen plays Peter Mahon. Jaeylynne Wallace Ruane portrays Sadie Mahon. 

As Gracie Mahon, Millie Donnelly plays the role of Millie Donnelly. Tom Turner plays Charles Hammond. Vanessa Hammond is portrayed by Perdita Weeks.

As George Wilson, Andrew Simpson is playing the role of Andrew Simpson. Sophie Robinson plays Ingrid Webster. Marry Keoghan portrays Cormac McDevitt. Brian McCardie plays James Connolly. Marcus Lamb plays Patrick Pearse.

Rebellion Season 3 Plot

Rebellion Season 3 Plot

This series of books is based on the events which occurred on a Sunday of April in 1916 in which the Irish Republican Army initiated a rising rebellion against the British control that prevailed in Ireland at the time.

An armed uprising such as this one was organized to establish an independent nation of Irish Republicans in the future.

As it happened on the Easter day of 1916, this event was known as the ‘Easter Uprising’, and is regarded as the most critical and first armed conflict for Ireland in its history. This uprising was considered the most crucial event in the country’s history.

A group of friends from Dublin, Belfast, and London who were involved in the Easter Uprising and other associative events are the main characters of the first season of the series, who describe the roles they were given in the uprising and how these events changed their lives for the better in the aftermath of the uprising.

The Britishers suppressed this uprising even though it only lasted for a short while and had the support of other Irish volunteers, including women, as well as the Irish Citizen Army, Irish Republican Brotherhood, and other Irish organizations.

The second season of the television show Rebellion, also known as Resistance, is a continuation of the uprising of 1916 during Easter week, which was suppressed by the Britishers at that time, but which served to sharpen the Irish dream of an independent nation on their own and to show a clear path towards achieving their dream.

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Rebellion Season 3 Trailer

There has been no word on when the third season will be released as yet. Accordingly, we can expect that if the third season will release in the middle or beginning of 2023, then the trailer will release in January or in April if the third season will release in the middle or beginning of 2023.

But we have mentioned the trailer link of season 2, thus you can watch by clicking on the link.

Where To Watch Rebellion Season 3?

As of right now, there has not been an announcement regarding Rebellion Season 3, but you can watch its previous seasons over on Netflix if you want to catch up.

Final Word

There is no doubt that Rebellion is one of the most anticipated series this year, and has created a lot of buzz among fans as well.

Thus, fans of Rebellion are eagerly awaiting the release of the third season of the show. We are certain that the third season of the show will be just as popular as the first two seasons, so we look forward to it.