Rhodes To The Top Season 2 Release Date Updates: Here Is Everything We Know So Far

The popular TV show Rhodes to the Top and it already on its way to being a smash hit. However, the hit reality TV show finished its first season of production. 

Produced by Shed Media and it has been distributed by Warner Bros, it has just completed a whopping six episodes in a row without any whining or fighting, for example. 


Furthermore, not many shows have managed to put on such an entertaining performance – but Rhodes to the Top sure did! And now folks are eagerly waiting for season 2 of the series, which we’re sure won’t disappoint either.

The TV show “A Rhodes to the Top” aired its first episode as an hour-long premiere on TNT at 10 p.m. ET on September 29, 2021. However, Cody and Brandi Rhodes are busy building AEW’s global grappling empire while traveling the world with a young family at their side.

The last episode of the TV show takes the viewers behind the scenes, and through this show, the viewers also came to know that Cody Rhodes and Brandi Rhodes got married in 2013 and are now enjoying their life with their first child.


Rhodes to the top season 2 has been updated?

Rhodes to the Top has been a great success, but now the question arises if there will be a second season or not. The first season of this TV show consists of a total of 6 episodes, which shows the rapidly-changing lives of Cody Rhodes and his wife, Brandi Rhodes.

A renowned and established wrestling and sports writer named Dave Meltzer made the announcement that there will be a second season of Rhodes to the Top.

Our Rhodesians have been eagerly awaiting a second season of Rhodes to the Top, but there is, unfortunately, no news yet regarding an official airing date or the episode count for season 2. 


Dave Meltzer has only shared that the second season will come, but at this moment, there is no news regarding the official release date for season 2 of Rhodes to The Top, but it confirmed that there would be a second season of Rhodes to the Top, thus the wait as finally over for the fans of Rhodesians.

Short Recap of Rhodes to the Top Season 1 finale

The final episode of Rhodes to the tp season 1 Cross Rhodes was released on October 23, 2021. The final episode shows how the couple has been struggling and managing both their personal life as well as professional life.

However, the couple has been managing their life with their first child; they said that they are not fully prepared for the baby, but they are trying their best to adapt to all the new things they are encountering.

The final episode of this TV show airs on TNT, and the episode also covers how Brandi is training herself to return to the ring. However, the couple is struggling, and not only this, but they are trying to overcome all the obstacles that they are facing.

Rhodes to the Top Season 1 Recap

The TV show has got immense popularity, and it has the rank 26 on the cable of the top 150 TV shows. This TV show has made a huge success, and looking at his success; the news has come that soon season 2 will come.

However, there is no specific news about the exact date; well, we can say that there is no official update regarding the release date of the second season.

The TV shows Rhodes to the Top revolves around the Rhodes family and shows how they are managing all their work and family altogether. 

Cody Rhodes, who is known for his appearances in the WWE with his dear brother Dustin, stars in a new reality series on MTV, which follows him and his family as they go to Jacksonville, Florida, for an AEW spectacular performance.

The show helps the viewers to the outrageous personalities of various pro wrestling superstars as we see what it’s like to live life on the road for them.

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The show has covered everything, from the couple’s pregnancy shower through the birth of their daughter, Liberty Iris.

 Not only this but the reality show depicts several important elements of their lives. 

Brandi and Cody Rhodes are working moms and dads. Sure, they may have some alone time on their hands because of the cameras following them around, but as you can imagine – that doesn’t last for long!

The Real is a “real reality show,” so it isn’t just about Brandi and Cody doing mommy things together; it also shows what happens when Cody has to travel on wrestling tours or go to the office to take care of business. It even gets really real at times when there are family members involved, or Brandi needs some time for herself.

Rhodes to the Top will make you an absolute fan of pro wrestling. But more importantly, it will make you a big fan of Brandi and Cody, who have everything you could possibly want in wrestling personalities: charm charisma; they just make everything look so easy.

However, we can say that the first season of Rhodes to the Top will feature changing points of view as it covers various parts of the pro wrestling power couple’s personal and professional lives.

The cast of Rhodes to the top Season 2

However, there is no specific news has been released about the second season of the Rhodes to the Top. But if it appears, then it will definitely have the same cast Cody Rhodes and Brandi Rhodes.

The first season of the Rhodes to the Top was produced by Lisa Shannon, and there is no doubt that the show was a big hit, ad the fans are eagerly waiting for the second season of Rhodes to the Top.

Final Words

It’s a big opportunity for all the fans of AEW because deu to this TV show, the fans will get to see inside look into their favorite product, dream match, and other cool stuff.

All the six episodes of the Rhodes to the Top have been liked by the viewers, and they have admired the show a lot when looking at what went right and what went wrong with the Rhodes to the Top show.

There are many people who point to how Cody’s presence as a judge on The Go Big Show donated to its popularity. This draw isn’t in any way surprising, given that Cody is no stranger when it comes to being a judge. 

In fact, he won his own reality competition show, Survivor: Gabon – because of this distinguishing feature, there are grounds for enjoying watching a reality star succeed once more.

Thus we can say that if the second season comes, then it will be a big hit, just like season 1. All the fans are eagerly waiting to have the second season of the show, but as we said above that, there is no official update regarding the second season of the Rhodes to the Top.

The wait for the second season has made the viewers more excited, and the most interesting fact is that not only the fans of AEW but all the wrestling fans are eagerly waiting for the show.