Seraph Of The End Season 3 Release Date And Renewal Status In 2022

Seraph of the End (also recognized as Owari no Serafu in Japanese) is a Japanese mythological anime tv show adapted from the same-titled manga series.

The manga series was released for the first time on September 3, 2012. A few years later, it was adapted into an anime television series, and on April 4, 2015, Season 1 of Seraph of the End debuted.


It was a smash with both manga enthusiasts and new viewers and was quickly revived for a second season. The second season of Seraph of the End premiered in the same year. Since then, fans of both the series and the manga have awaited word of a third season. Here’s what we know about Season 3’s potential.

Seraph Of The End Season 3 Release Date

Unfortunately, there have been no official statements regarding the third season of the popular anime series of dark fantasy. Twelve episodes were published on April 4, 2015, as the premiere season.

The second season, consisting of twelve episodes, was released on October 10, 2015. In the meanwhile, the third season has not yet been released.


The extended wait for the third season’s release is since the first two seasons covered the full manga series. As a result, Wit studio canceled the series since there were no new materials to adapt for the following season.

The author of the Seraph Of The End manga series, Takaya Kagami, has recently contributed 40 additional chapters, assuring fans that Wit Studio has plenty of stuff for a new season. However, the earliest launch date we can anticipate is somewhere around 2023.

Seraph Of The End Season 3 Release date
Seraph Of The End Season 3 Release date

Seraph Of The End Season 3 Cast

The expected cast for season 3 is as follows:

  • Yuichiro
  • Shinoa Hiiragi
  • Mitsuba Sanguu
  • Mikaela
  • Shihou Kimizuki
  • Guren Ichinose
  • Yoichi Saotome

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Seraph Of The End Season 3 Plot

The drama takes place in a fictitious universe and centers on a young guy named Yuuichiro Amane. Yuuichirou had a horrible history and lost his parents when he was eight.

While he attempts to acclimatize to life in the Hyakuya Orphanage, another catastrophic event befalls not only him but all of humanity. Suddenly, a global epidemic kills everyone older than 13 years old.

As children mourn the loss of their loved ones, vampires that had been hibernating beneath emerge to the surface, enslave humanity, and ascend to the throne of the planet.

Vampires dominate the planet four years after the disaster, but Yuuichirou and the other orphans have adapted to their new life as a subordinate race.

However, Yuuichirou is not one to accept his lot; he dreams of the day when he will eliminate all vampires and restore Earth to humans. It frequently conflicts with Mikaela Hyakuya, his fellow orphan, who believes it is far more prudent to employ creativity and cunning to survive and outwit the vampires.

Mikaela devises a strategy to leave the underworld and return to the surface after gaining popularity among high-ranking vampires and acquiring inside information.

However, as he and his fellow orphans seek to escape, they are captured by a vampire officer named Ferid Bathory, who slaughters them.

Yuuichirou, on the other hand, manages to escape the massacre and return to the surface. He is discovered by the Moon Demon Company of the Imperial Demon Army on the surface. This violent human group seeks to kill vampires for good and liberate humanity from slavery.

Seraph Of The End Season 3 Plot
Seraph Of The End Season 3 Plot

Yuuichirou, a member of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army, stays committed to exacting vengeance on the vampires for the murders of his loved ones.

Later, he is reunited with Mikaela, whom he had long believed to be deceased. To Yuuichirou’s surprise, he discovers that Mikaela has been transformed into a vampire, making their marriage miserable.

Determined to defend Mikaela and his human companions, he swears to become stronger and unleash death and destruction on the vampires guilty of the world’s misery.

In the meantime, Yuuichirou learns of an impending attack on the Imperial Demon Army and is picked to join an elite group that will intercept the vampire onslaught.

As the onslaught approaches rapidly, Yuuichirou and his allies must train intensively and master their weapons to beat the vampires and eliminate the vampire nobility to liberate humanity for good.

Seraph Of The End Season 3 Trailer

A trailer for Seraph of End Season 3 is not yet available. We will notify you once we get a trailer. You can watch the trailer for season 2.