Shadows House Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer & More

When it comes to supernatural slice-of-life anime, there aren’t many shows that can compare with the nature and style of Shadows House, as it is one of the most popular anime.

The summer of 2022 was when the second season of CloverWork’s popular series returned. Although it was only launched a short time ago, it has already captivated the attention of many people.


Although many fans eagerly anticipate the third season of Shadows House, there are also those who are already looking forward to the series’ future.

The purpose of this article is to provide readers with all the details about Shadow House season 3. Not only this but e have also mentioned details about the Shadow House season 3 release date.

Shadow House Season 3 Release Date

Shadows House Season 3 Release Date


Many Japanese anime television shows are very popular today, and Shadows House is one of the most popular series released on April 11, 2021.

As soon as the program premiered, this series received immense popularity, and within a short period of time, the program received its new season, which is the third season of the program.

As of now, fans are expecting season 3 of the series after two successful seasons. It has been a long time since Shadows House Season 3 was announced, and the fans are very excited about it.


As far as the release date of Shadows House Season 3 is concerned, it remains unclear. Unfortunately, the series makers have not yet revealed a date for the next season’s release.

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Shadow House Season 3 Cast

Shadows House Season 3 Cast

We can expect that many of the cast members from season two will return during season three. The following is the complete cast list of the series that has been released so far:

  • Dani Chambers  as Emilico
  • Emi Lo  as Kate
  • Jordan Dash Cruz as John/Shaun
  • Marisa Duran as Louise/Lou
  • Adam McArthur as Patrick/Ricky
  • Elizabeth Maxwell  as Barbara/Barbie
  • Michelle Lee  as Maryrose
  • Emily Fajardo as Sarah/Mia
  • Ben Balmaceda  as Ben
  • Christopher Smith as Edward
  • Jad Saxton as Susanna/Susie
  • Aaron Campbell  as William

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Shadow House Season 3 Plot

Shadows House Season 3 Plot

There are several dark secrets that the Shadow House is keeping, and this was the focus of the second season of the anime. As a result of Maryrose’s discovery, it was possible to expose the truth about this house and its true nature.

In her description, the house resembles a butchery, where living creatures are slaughtered in the place and left to die, just as they would be killed in a butchery.

Once that has been achieved, the adults will take control of them and merge them with their corresponding shadows. The living dolls, however, are on a suicide mission, as they have no idea what they are willing to give up for the residence and a partner in exchange for the place.

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In this case, coffee erases the living dolls’ memories, thoughts, and shadows on all surfaces. The biggest surprise of the evening was Anthony’s appearance.

There must be a secret exit which only Anthony knows about since Anthony revealed that there must be a secret exit. The nature of his intentions, however, seems to be dubious as well as false.

As it turns out, Kate and Barbara, partners in crime, must find a way to get to the bottom of these mysteries and solve them all.

Shadow House Season 3 Trailer

Continuing with the topic of the trailer, we are sorry to inform you that there is not yet a trailer available for Shadow House season 3 since there hasn’t been one released yet.

There is no need to worry, though, since we have already mentioned the trailer link for season 2 of the series, so if you click on the link, you can watch the trailer now.

Where To Watch Shadow House Season 3?

Probably you are wondering now where it is possible to watch this fantastic series. The good news is that Netflix offers you free access to all the previous seasons of the anime series. There is no doubt that season 3 of the show will also be released on the Netflix.

Final Word

As we come to the end of the article, we hope that all the information we mentioned was helpful to you and that you found the article insightful. 

Our goal is to ensure that you understand the anime series better based on the details we have discussed above.

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