Shrek 5 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer & More

There is no doubt that Shrek is one of the most famous animated movies of the last few decades, thanks to its heartwarming story about finding true love in the most unlikely places. 

The fact remains, however, that the main reason it’s become so popular online is that it spawned many memes in the process.


There is no doubt that ‘Shrek 5’ will be a hit as it is an upcoming American adventure, animated comedy, family, and fantasy film. Based on the book by William Steig, this novel was written by Michael McCullers and Christopher Meledandri.

The details of the movie, however, have been discussed in depth throughout the discussion. Not only this, but we have also discussed the particulars about Shrek 5 release date.

Shrek 5 Release Date

Shrek 5 Release Date


Shrek 5 has yet to have a release date, so it is not yet known when it will be released. In 2010 (we can’t believe we’re that old now), Dreamworks hinted that another film might be possible even though the fourth film was billed as the final entry in the series.

Even though the cast of Shrek had confirmed that a script had been written, all efforts to make the movie a success fell through. 

As a result, Eddie Murphy told CinemaBlend that the film was likely to come out in 2020, which was only an estimation, and the year came and went without being announced. 


The most recent guess from Fandom predicts that the film will not be released to home media until November 2022, with a release date of 30th September 2022. Thus Shrek has captivated a lot of eyes from all over the world.

Shrek 5 Cast

Shrek 5 Cast

The main cast has been eagerly anticipating the opportunity to portray Shrek, Fiona, Donkey, and the rest of the vibrant citizens of the Kingdom of Duloc in a new adventure ever since the 2010 premiere of Shrek Forever After.

Although performers had to wait a decade for their dreams to become a reality, Eddie Murphy and Cameron Diaz have made the extraordinary commitment that they will play Shrek in the next film once the script has been finalized.

Although Mike Myer’s latest remarks don’t provide a release date for Shrek 5, they at least give the impression that he would return to the series “every year” if he could do so.

Shrek 5 Plot

Shrek 5 Plot

The title of “Shrek 5” may suggest that the next film will be a sequel, but it is a reboot that promises to reinvent the wheel. 

There was no desire on the part of the directors to return to familiar territory. Nevertheless, it is unclear to what extent they will be able to alter things if they do decide.

“We have had a difficult time finding something that truly feels like it’s not just another sequel in a series of sequels,” Chris Meledandri told Variety in an interview. The super producer does not forget about the past, stating that he is still “nostalgic” for the old characters and the voice actors who were able to bring them to life with their feelings.

According to McCullers, who described the makeover as “quite a big deal,” McCullers also expressed similar sentiments. The screenwriter also claims that the story is “personal” to him, but he does not provide details about what to expect from the film.

There is no doubt that the creators of this story are keeping the story’s details close to their chest for the time being. According to the ambiguous synopsis, audiences will likely find something radically different from “Shrek.” Still, it seems that some of the essential ingredients of the film will be preserved to some degree.

There is also a mention in Variety of preparations for a long-awaited sequel to “Puss In Boots,” which implies that NBCUniversal sees a bright future for this movie universe, based on the fairytale of the same name.

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Shrek 5 Trailer

There is, however, a trailer for season 5 that the filmmakers have released, and you can watch it by clicking here. The trailer link has been provided below for your convenience.

Where To Watch Shrek 5?

There is no shortage of places for you to watch any of the four films of Shrek on Amazon Prime, Peacock, Google Play, or Vudu. The same platforms will also be used for the release of Shrek 5.

Final Word

The information we have provided you about this film has been described in as much detail as possible, and we hope there is all the information you require to understand the movie entirely.

There is no doubt that Shrek is one of the most popular animated movies in the world and has millions of fans all over the world.