South Side Season 4 Release Date, Cast and Plot Details

During the lockdown, the demand for web series has risen so much that web series have become the rage. Since 2019, one of the most popular series on television, South Side, has been on the top list of the most popular programs, and that is because it has always set the bar so high for its genre.

Currently, fans of the series are eagerly awaiting the release date of season 4. This is why we have gathered as much information as possible about the South Side series in this article for you to read. This article also discusses the South Side season 4 release date.


South Side Season 4 Release Date 

South Side Season 4 Release Date

The first thing the fans want to know when they find out that their favourite television series is coming back is when the show will be released.

Undoubtedly, the South Side has always been in the spotlight. This sitcom has always been loved by fans wholeheartedly, and not even a day goes by when someone doesn’t watch it at home.


South Side Season 3 has already been released, but as the third part has already been released, fans are ready for Season 4. As we all know, the third season of South Side was released on December 8, 2022.

As of now, its makers have yet to reveal information about the upcoming fourth season of the series. As a result, we can only wait patiently for the makers to refrain from revealing any more updates on the series South Side.

South Side Season 4 Cast

South Side Season 4 Cast


At the moment, it’s quite difficult to say who the cast members will be off-season 4, as the show’s makers have not revealed any information about the cast. On the other hand, we can expect to see all of the previous stars appear in the next series season.

  • Sultan Salahuddin as Simon James
  • Chandra Russell as Officer Turner
  • Zuri Salahuddin as Stacy
  • Diallo Riddle as Allen Gayle
  • Nefetari Spencer as Keisha
  • Will A. Miles as Jay-Mal
  • Lanre Idew as Greg the Marine
  • Aaron J. Hart
  • Edward Williams III as Travis
  • Lauren Cohn
  • Rashawn Nadine Scott
  • Michael ‘Shaw’ Owens
  • Michael Brunlieb as Chase Novak

South Side Season 4  Plot

South Side Season 4 Plot

Taking a closer look at the plot of the series South Side, it cannot be denied that the storyline is one of the show’s best aspects.

Besides that, it is also one factor that plays a vital role in making the series successful in terms of its viewers. It is a story about a journey between two friends trying to work out their dreams together when they start focusing on them and trying to work on them together.

You should not miss out on such a fantastic series that will make you smile and inspire you with its amazing storyline. We all are aware that it is a sitcom, so it is quite obvious to assume that the new season’s plot will continue to follow the same theme as its predecessors.

In spite of this, the makers of the series have not revealed anything about their series up to this point. Nevertheless, we are confident that season four of the TV series will be as interesting as the previous seasons.

South Side Season 4 Trailer

As an additional important factor, the trailer is another interesting aspect that many fans eagerly awaited. This season’s trailer gives an idea of what can be expected from the new season as far as the storyline is concerned.

As of now, there has been no announcement by the makers of season 4 about the trailer that will be shown in the coming months. This means we will have to wait until the creators don’t reveal it before we can find out.

Furthermore, we have provided the link below where you will be able to watch the trailer for season 3, and all you have to do is to tap on the link, and you will be able to watch the trailer video.

Where To Watch South Side Season 4?

Now that you know about this amazing series, you may wonder where to watch it. Fortunately, HBO Max offers you the opportunity to stream all previous seasons of this series, so if you would like to watch all of those seasons on HBO Max, you can. In addition, when season 4 becomes available, it will also be made available on the same streaming platform as season 3.

Final Word

There is no doubt that South Side is one of the most popular series that has been extremely popular among its fans since it debuted in 2019. The fans are now looking forward to the show’s new season and are excited about it.

Our goal in this article is to give you as much information about this series as we have possible. We hope you will find this article to be helpful in learning more about it.