Spirited Away 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer & More

For those of you who love fantasy fiction with a magical element, you will want to wait for Spirited Away 2. This movie revolves around a town or village under the control of a witch intent on destroying it.

The movie has a huge fan following, and still, fans remember every detail of the film. In the meantime, fans eagerly await the release date of Spirited Away 2, a sequel to Spirited Away.


Therefore we have mentioned all the details about the series, including the Spirited Away 2 release date.

Spirited Away 2 Release Date

Spirited Away 2 Release Date

Almost 20 years have passed since the film was released. Fans eagerly await a second installment of the movie. Over the past few years, various rumors about the film have exploded on the internet.


Almost all the gossip revolves around the possibility of a second part being released. There is no doubt that most of us are aware that Studio Ghibli never makes a sequel to a film, regardless of whether that film is successful or a flop. And it’s true that Spirited Away is a popular movie.

Unfortunately, we regret to inform you that when it comes to Spirited Away 2, we cannot find any official report that has been published. As a result, it is safe to say that fans will have to wait a little longer before they get their hands on season 2.

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Spirited Away 2 Cast

Spirited Away 2 Cast

There is a huge cast list for this anime movie. Therefore we have mentioned a complete list of the cast in below list:

  • Rumi Hiiragi gave voice to Chihiro Ogino / Sen
  • Miyu Irino gave voice to the Haku / Spirit of the Kohaku River.
  • Mari Natsuki gave voice to Yubaba and Zeniba
  • Bunta Sugawara gave voice to Kamaji
  • Yoomi Tamai gave voice to Lin
  • Tsunehiko Kamijo gave voice to Chichiyaku
  • Takehiko Ono gave voice to Aniyaku 
  • Akio Nakamura gave voice to No-Face
  • Tatsuya Gashuin gave voice to Aogaeru
  • Yo Oizumi gave voice to Bandai-gaeru
  • Ryunosuke Kamiki gave voice to Boh
  • Takashi Naito gave voice to Akio Ogino
  • Yasuko Sawaguchi gave voice to Yuko Ogino
  • Koba Hayashi gave voice to River Spirit
  • Ken Yasuda gave voice to Radish Spirit

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Spirited Away 2 Plot

Spirited Away 2 Plot

There are two main protagonists in this story – Chihiro, a ten-year-old girl who lives in the village, and Haku, a young boy who is a river spirit. 

Season 1 of the show showed us Chihiro’s parents transferred her to the world of spirits when she was a child. To warn her and persuade her to return as soon as possible, Haku asked her to do so.

Although she did not know anything, she and her parent got trapped in the spirit world before she realized anything. She was born into a family of pigs, which her parents had converted into.

The girl took up a job at a bathhouse run by a witch named Yubaba because she wanted to free her parents. She lifted Haku’s curse, and she could find her parents after he helped her to free him from it.

Later on, in their relationship, they become infatuated with one another. The two eventually managed to transform their mothers into humans again after changing their fathers back into pigs.

Afterward, Sen and her parents returned to their world in their world after being expelled from the spirit world. There was a scene in the finale episode where Haku told Sen they should meet in the future.

We hope that the romance between Haku and Sen will continue in the second installment with more magical adventures if and when it is made.

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Spirited Away 2 Trailer

We regret to inform you that we cannot provide you with the trailer for season 2. We will have to wait a little bit longer to get the trailer.

We have also included a link to the trailer of season 1 for you guys, so you can check it out by clicking on the link below.

Where To Watch Spirited Away 2?

Netflix and Amazon prime video have the movie available for you to watch. You can also watch it on Disney’s streaming service if you wish to watch it.

Final Word

There are not enough words to describe how great the movie is. Anime is indeed the best movie because it contains everything that makes a movie great.

The visual effects are stunning, and the soundtrack is a real treat. In addition to the fantastic characters, the storyline is one of the best I have ever read.

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