Star Trek Lower Decks Season 3 Will Release In Third Quarter Of 2022

Produced by Mike McMahan, ‘ Star Trek: Lower Decks’ is an energetic show that tracks the experiences of a team of Ensigns who complete different jobs on the Starship USS Cerritos.

The sci-fi satire initially debuted in August 2020 on CBS All Access. In its beginning, the series has garnered acclaim from analysts for its information of new concepts into the long-standing ‘Star Trek privilege.


As the series, the second season finishes, spectators cannot pause to notice more shenanigans from their precious more down deckers.

The lower decks are the portion of a ship or place where the staff and passengers live. Moreover, The lower tiers in Star Trek: Lower Decks is a tale of the people performing there. The lower tiers of Star Trek: Lower Decks is a sci-fi humor TV show by Mike McMahan.

It tracks the lives of those on commission of an Earth starship, USS Sisyphus, which has been set to scan a planet with its ecosystem.


Star Trek: The Next Generation – Lower Decks is a tale about the USS Enterprise D team appointed to a new assignment aboard the starship. The team is dispatched to explore why a series of mishaps in engineering have renounced it in ruins.

If you are one of the enthusiasts wondering whether we will notice the USS Cerritos team coming back to our screens with new adventures anytime soon, you have come to a suitable place! Let us share all the details about ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ season 3!

Star Trek Lower Decks Season 3 Release Date

Star Trek Lower Decks Season 3 will nearly definitely premiere in August 2022. When the third season was greenlit, it was approved for a late or Q3 2022 debut, which is always the best-authorized release date.


Nevertheless, both Season 1 and Season 2 of Lower Decks debuted their first installment in August of the previous two years, so it is likely to think Season 3 will do the same.

The season is planned to debut on the streaming platform Paramount+ in the third quarter of 2022 and drive for 10 episodes. A fourth season was summoned in January 2022.

Star Trek Lower Decks Season 3 Cast

The cast of season 3 will be as follows:

  • Tawny Newsome being Beckett Mariner
  • Noël Wells in the role of D’Vana Tendi
  • Dawnn Lewis being Carol Freeman
  • Jack Quaid will act as Brad Boimler
  • Fred Tatasciore being Shaxs
  • Eugene Cordero will play the role of Sam Rutherford
  • Gillian Vigman will perform as T’Ana
  • Jerry O’Connell will act as Jack Ransom

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Star Trek Lower Decks Season 3 Plot

In the 2nd season of ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks,’ Boimler confronts problems on USS Titan and promptly returns to USS Cerritos after cloning himself with the different Boimler staying on Titan.

Mariner produces close to her mother, Captain Freeman. Rutherford knows the facts regarding Shaxs’ death, and Tendi resumes to engrave T’Ana.

In the season-ending, the Cerritos team helps Captain Sonya Gomez and her crew select first touch with an unknown race recognized as the Lapeerians. The task is a win, but Freeman is charged with the false charges of plotting with Klingons and eliminating the Pakled Planet.

Season 3 will probably feature a new head leading the Cerritos team in the lack of Freeman.

The change in administration is predicted to drive the lower deckers some problems in their day-to-day jobs. Mariner can show the cost of removing her mother’s name, but the allegations against Freeman are heavy.

Thus, it will be a while before she can be forgiven. Meantime, Boimler will likely resume building new methods to make a quick rise.

McMahan has indicated that Mariner, Boimler, Rutherford, and Tendi will improve their jobs during the third season, albeit through irregular routes.

Star Trek Lower Decks Season 3 Trailer

Check the season 3 trailer here:

Where To Watch Star Trek Lower Decks Season 3?

Star Trek Lower Decks Season 3 will be available to watch on Paramount+ and Amazon Prime Video in numerous regions beyond the US, like the UK, Australia, and Japan.

The sequel is not intended to be open on other streaming platforms like Disney Plus or Netflix. This is equivalent to how Paramount has premiered other current Star Trek shows, like Star Trek: Picard.