Tearmoon Empire Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer & More

It has been a long since fans got their hands on the Tearmoon Empire light novel, one of the most popular anime series.

As the anime industry is ending, there will be a decrease in the demand for it. Nozomu Mochitsuki was the artist responsible for creating the paintings for TE which were created in August 2018.


In the beginning, the books were only available on the Shsetsuka ni Nar website, but TO Books also began publishing them in hard copy. Not only this, we have accumulated all the information regarding anime. Moreover, we have also mentioned the information about the Tearmoon Empire release date.

Tearmoon Empire Release Date

Tearmoon Empire Release Date

A release date for Tearmoon Empire has not yet been announced, although it has been confirmed that it will be released in 2023. The announcement was made a few days ago that Tearmoon Empire will go on air as an anime television series shortly. 


Fans are showing mixed emotions after knowing that this famous light novel will be turned into a TV show in the upcoming years, even though they are very excited to see this famous light novel become a reality finally.

Tearmoon Empire Cast

Tearmoon Empire Cast

In Tearmoon Empire, Mia Luna, Anne, and Ludwig are the main characters. At the moment, we only know the names of these three characters, and we don’t know anything else about them other than their names.


Although these three characters are the most prominent of the Tearmoon Empire, it is evident that there are many more who will appear, and we will be able to find out more about them in the following days and weeks.

It has been confirmed that the voice actor for Mia Luna will be Uesaka Sumire, who will provide the voice for the character Mia Luna, the princess of the Tearmoon Empire. In the meantime, there is only information about one voice actor of the characters, and the voice actors for the other characters are still unknown. As a result, we will have to wait until we receive official information from the makers.

Tearmoon Empire Plot

Tearmoon Empire Plot

According to the official synopsis published by ANN, the Tearmoon Empire Anime tells the story of the reincarnation of the princess of the Tearmoon Empire, which takes place during the time of the Tearmoon Empire’s establishment.

After the lady’s execution, she was reborn as her 12-year-old self to live a new life. Now that the princess has been given another chance to amend the mistakes she made when she was younger, she has been given a second chance to make amends.

Her memory of everything she has done makes it much easier to look back at what she has done to ensure she doesn’t repeat the same mistakes.

There is no issue she won’t take notice of and try to bring an end to, no matter how lousy governance is or how corrupt a system is. Knowing that she would be sentenced to death anyway makes the whole experience even more crucifying for her. 

As a result, Mia can only break this vexation cycle by setting things right in the empire and bringing things back to normal.

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Tearmoon Empire Trailer

The Tearmoon Empire anime television series will be released in 2023, as you have read above, as the release date for the show has already been set.

Moreover, we still don’t know when Tearmoon Empire will be released and in which month it will be released, so we are not sure if there will be a trailer for this game or if there won’t be a trailer at all.

The makers have, however, released a trailer, which can be called trailer 1, as a promotional video.


Where To Watch Tearmoon Empire?

We can expect to see Tearmoon Empire on Netflix, Anime-Planet, and Crunchyroll shortly, but no confirmation has yet been given regarding its availability on these sites. 

However, there have been a lot of online streaming apps available that make it easier for us to watch our favorite anime television series online.

Final Word

Anime television series are becoming more popular daily, and the number of viewers is also increasing daily. It is almost like we are surrounded by anime fans every day.

There is no doubt that Tearmoon Empire is one of the most anticipated series of all time, for a good reason.