Tech Jobs Available: 30 Part-Time Technology Research Jobs, Earn Around $18-$25/hr

Tech jobs available in the field of technology research are becoming increasingly pivotal. This article aims to explore 30 part-time positions, offering an earning potential of $18-$25 per hour. 

It provides insights into the roles, salaries, and application processes. The goal is to guide you toward leveraging these opportunities for financial and professional advancement.


Tech Industry Significance 

Tech jobs available are vital for innovation and growth in the tech industry. These roles drive advancements in technology and contribute to economic development. 

Part-time positions, especially in research, are crucial for startups and established companies. They offer flexibility and a pool of diverse talent. 

The demand for skilled researchers is high, reflecting the industry’s dynamic nature. These roles are key to meeting the technological needs of today and tomorrow.


Long-Term Financial Goals 

Part-time tech roles are gateways to achieving long-term financial stability. They provide a stepping stone towards more lucrative, full-time opportunities.

Financial Stability through Part-Time Work 

Part-time tech positions offer a pathway to financial stability. They allow you to earn while pursuing further education or other interests. 

These roles can supplement your income, reducing financial stress—Their industry is ideal for those transitioning careers or entering the tech field.


Balancing Income and Personal Development 

Part-time roles in tech enable a balance between earning and personal growth. They provide practical experience while allowing time for self-improvement. 

These positions can enhance your resume, making you more attractive to future employers. Balancing work and development is key for career progression.

Available Tech Roles 

The tech industry offers a variety of part-time roles suitable for diverse skill sets. These positions enhance your experience and contribute significantly to your financial goals.

Data Analyst

Interprets complex data to inform business decisions. Essential skills include proficiency in data analysis software and strong analytical abilities. Typically, they earn $20-$25/hr. This role is pivotal for companies looking to leverage data for strategic planning.

UX Researcher

Study user interactions to improve product design. They need empathy, an understanding of design principles, and user testing skills. Earning potential ranges from $18-$23/hr. Their insights are crucial for creating user-friendly products.

Market Research Analyst

Examine market trends to guide business strategies. Analytical thinking and knowledge of market research methodologies are critical. They can expect to earn $19-$24/hr. Their work informs vital marketing decisions.

Software Tester

Identify bugs and issues in new software. Attention to detail and problem-solving skills are necessary. They typically earn $18-$22/hr. Their role is essential for ensuring software quality and performance.

AI Research Assistant

Support artificial intelligence projects. Required are programming skills and a basic understanding of AI concepts. The pay range is $20-$25/hr. Their contribution is vital in the evolving field of AI.

Cybersecurity Analyst

Safeguard systems against digital threats. Knowledge of security protocols and vigilance is crucial. They are often paid $22-$25/hr. Their role is critical for protecting sensitive data.

Web Developer

Create and manage websites requiring coding expertise and creativity. They earn about $18-$24/hr. Their skill in building functional and aesthetically pleasing websites is highly valued.

SEO Specialist

Optimize websites for better search engine ranking. Understanding of SEO strategies and digital marketing is essential. They typically earn $18-$22/hr. Their expertise drives web traffic and visibility.

Cloud Engineer

Manage cloud-based systems and infrastructures. They need knowledge of cloud services and networking. Potential earnings are $20-$25/hr. They play a crucial role in maintaining and optimizing cloud solutions.

Database Administrator

Maintain and secure databases. Required skills include database management and security measures. They can earn $21-$25/hr. Their work is crucial for data integrity and accessibility.

Mobile App Developer

Create applications for mobile devices. Proficiency in mobile development languages is essential. Earnings range from $19-$24/hr. Their role is pivotal in the growing mobile technology market.

Network Technician

Ensure the integrity of networking systems. They need skills in network configuration and troubleshooting. They typically earn $18-$23/hr. Their expertise is vital for smooth network operations.

Quality Assurance Analyst

Test software for defects. Attention to detail and a systematic approach are essential. They can expect to earn $18-$22/hr. Their role ensures the release of reliable software products.

IT Support Specialist

Provide technical assistance and support. Knowledge of various IT systems and strong communication skills are required. They earn about $18-$21/hr. Their support is crucial for resolving technical issues.

Systems Analyst

Design and implement computer systems. They need analytical skills and knowledge of software and hardware systems. Earnings are typically $20-$24/hr. They bridge the gap between business needs and technology solutions.

Front-End Developer

Create the visual elements of websites. Skills in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are essential. They usually earn $19-$23/hr. Their work is crucial for user-friendly web interfaces.

Back-End Developer

Focus on server-side web application logic. Proficiency in back-end programming languages is required. They can earn $21-$25/hr. Their role is key for website functionality.

Graphic Designer

Create visual concepts for digital platforms. Creativity and knowledge of design software are crucial. They typically earn $18-$22/hr. Their designs enhance the visual appeal of digital content.

Technical Writer

Prepare instruction manuals and documentation. Strong writing skills and technical knowledge are needed. They can expect to earn $20-$24/hr. Their work is vital for clear and effective communication of technical information.

Project Manager

Oversee tech projects from conception to completion. Skills in project management and leadership are essential. They earn about $22-$25/hr. Their role ensures projects are completed on time and within budget.

Video Game Developer

Design and create video games. Creativity and programming skills are necessary. Potential earnings are $19-$24/hr. Their role is central in the entertainment technology industry.

Robotics Technician

Assist in the development and maintenance of robots. Technical skills in robotics and engineering are required. They usually earn $20-$25/hr. Their expertise is critical in the expanding field of robotics.

Virtual Reality Developer

Create immersive VR experiences. Skills in VR programming and design are crucial. They can earn $21-$25/hr. Their work pushes the boundaries of digital interaction.

Business Analyst

Bridge the gap between IT and business. They need analytical skills and an understanding of business processes. Earnings typically range from $20-$25/hr. Their insights help align technology solutions with business strategies.

Ethical Hacker

Test systems for vulnerabilities. Skills in cybersecurity and ethical hacking are essential. They can expect to earn $22-$25/hr. Their role is critical in maintaining robust security protocols.

Biotechnology Researcher

Work at the intersection of technology and biology. They require a background in biotechnology and research skills. They typically earn $20-$25/hr. Their work contributes to advancements in medical and environmental technology.

Nanotechnology Researcher

Focus on technology at the molecular level. Skills in nanotechnology and precision engineering are needed. Earnings are about $21-$25/hr. Their work is pivotal in the development of new materials and devices.

Data Visualization Specialist

Create graphical representations of data. Proficiency in data visualization tools and design is required. They usually earn $19-$23/hr. Their ability to present data in understandable ways is crucial for decision-making.

Renewable Energy Technician

Work on technology for sustainable energy sources. Knowledge of renewable energy systems and technical skills are essential. They can earn $18-$22/hr. Their role is critical in the transition to sustainable energy solutions.

IoT Internet of Things

Create devices connected to the internet. Skills in IoT development and network security are required. Potential earnings are $20-$25/hr. Their work is central to the growing network of connected devices.

Application Process Guide 

Navigating the application process for tech jobs available requires strategy and attention to detail. This guide outlines the key steps to apply successfully.

Finding Job Opportunities 

Start by researching online job portals and company websites for openings. Utilize professional networks and social media platforms like LinkedIn to discover opportunities. 

Attend job fairs and tech meetups to connect with potential employers. Constantly tailor your search to match your skills and interests for the best fit.

Resume and Cover Letter Preparation 

Craft a concise resume that highlights relevant skills and experience. Include specific achievements and quantify them where possible. 

Your cover letter should be tailored to each job, demonstrating how your skills align with the role. Proofread both documents carefully to ensure accuracy and professionalism.

Application and Interview Process 

Submit applications through the specified channels, whether online or via email. If you don’t hear back within a week or two, follow up with a polite email. 

Prepare for interviews by researching the company and rehearsing answers to common questions. Dress appropriately and arrive early to make a good impression.

Standing out as a candidate:

  • Research the Company: Show your interest and knowledge about the company during the interview.
  • Showcase Your Skills: Highlight specific projects or experiences relevant to the role.
  • Be Enthusiastic: Demonstrate your passion for the field and the position.
  • Ask Questions: Engage with the interviewer by asking insightful questions.
  • Follow-Up: Send a thank-you note post-interview to reiterate your interest.

The Bottom Line on Part-Time Tech Opportunities

The exploration of tech jobs available in the technology research sector presents a diverse array of opportunities. These roles offer competitive pay between $18-$25 per hour and pave the way for professional development and financial stability. 

The tech industry remains fertile ground for part-time employment, with various positions catering to various skills and interests. Embracing these options can significantly contribute to your career trajectory and personal growth in the rapidly evolving tech landscape.