The Book Eating Magician Chapter 46 Release Date, Plot, Recap And Many More

Even though the Book Eating Magician is a relatively recent addition to the manhwa world, it has quickly captured the interest of a large number of readers.

The Book Eating Magician Chapter 46 is scheduled for release this week. The last chapter saw the start of the final round of the Student Tournament.


This was Theodore and Silvia’s match. Therefore, which of these two can win the match? Here is all you need to know about the manga’s latest chapter.

Fans may expect to witness the Star of Blue Tower at her most powerful in the upcoming chapter. In exchange, the growing Magician will be prepared to confront her to the best of the symbiote’s abilities. As a result, it will be intriguing to observe how the match progresses from here.



The Book Eating Magician Chapter 46 Release Date

The upcoming chapter of The Book Eating Magician was available in a few days. As the struggle for the Student Tournament Finals proceeds, supporters can only hope for a series filled with action and drama.

As a result, Chapter 46 of The Book Eating Magician was released on April 28, 2022. All manhwa chapters will be accessible only on Naver, Kakaopage, and Webtoon’s official pages. Finally, follow The Anime Daily on Twitter for more information.

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The Book Eating Magician Chapter 46 Plot

Chapter 45 of The Book Eating Magician began during the Student Tournament Finals. The opening match pitted Bergen’s Failed Student against the Blue Tower’s Rising Star.

These were, respectively, Theodore Miller and Silvia Aderunks. However, the chapter transitioned to a previous scenario with Theodore attempting to establish his fighting posture in the bout.

He had to explain to the guy in control that he desired to be a magician and that he was competing in the contest. The Principal inquired as to which circle he was a member of.


The child replied that he was present in the second. When Theodore exited the office, he was ridiculed by many of his classmates. In the chapter’s last panel, readers witness how the youngster was assaulted by a symbiote, which finally transformed him into this ferocious beast.

The following chapter will pick up where the first inning left off. The struggle between Bergen’s Failed Student and the Blue Tower’s Rising Star has begun.

Theodore Miller, an aspiring magician, is an unsuccessful pupil. However, he was ridiculed during his five years at the school for not being skilled enough in the art of performing magic. However, after the preceding chapter, he has determined that this is not a fight for the tournament.

Rather than that, this was the war he needed to wage to beat his fate. The chapter 46 will be the first time readers will see the symbiote’s power harnessed within the boy’s body. Now that he has a significant power source, can Theodore win the match?