The Crown Season 6 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer & More

There is a popular television series called The Crown, which tells the story of Queen Elizabeth and her reign during the period of her life.

In the first season, we are treated to the events of the first half of Elizabeth’s life, from her marriage to her sister’s engagement to Peter Townsend to the breakup of their relationship in 1955.


Having awaited the release of season 5 of The Crown on Netflix, there has already been a lot of anticipation around The Crown’s season 6 of the royal drama.

Thus we have tried our best to accumulate all the information regarding the series, which also includes The Crow season 6 release date.

The Crow Season 6 Release Date

The Crown Season 6 Release Date


There has been no confirmation from Netflix when the sixth season of The Crown will be released. In our research, we could say that according to the release dates of previous seasons of the show, including season 5, we predict that season 6 will arrive on Netflix in November 2023.

However, all these are just speculation as there is nothing confirmed about when season 6 of the series will arrive. We have good news to share, as season 6 is definitely on the horizon, and filming is set to begin in August 2022.

There is no doubt that Season 6 will be The Crown’s last season. In other words, all we can do now is wait for the release date of season 6 to be announced. As we all know that The Crown is one of the most popular series of all time.


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The Crown Season 6 Cast

The Crown Season 6 Cast

There are good chances that the casting will follow the previous format of The Crown, where each key character would be given two seasons to develop their characters.

The result is that Imelda Staunton, who has been cast to play the new Queen Elizabeth II in season five, will be shooting two series like her predecessors Claire Foy and Olivia Coleman did.

In Season six of the show, we will also see a teenage Prince William and Kate Middleton, who met at St. Andrew’s University when they were teenagers.

It is expected that Meg Bellamy will portray Kate Middleton in the film while Ed McVey will portray Prince William. It has been announced that Rufus Kampa will play a younger William in the movie, but who will play Prince Harry has not been announced.

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The Crown Season 6 Plot

The Crown Season 6 Plot

As part of the upcoming Crown Season 6, we are expected to learn more about the early 2000s. The royal family’s lives will be followed in Season 6, according to a report by Deadline, which follows the family up until the early 2000s.

There will be a ton of royal drama to be explored in the following seasons since Season 4 ends with the resignation of Margaret Thatcher as prime minister in 1990.

During Season 4, we saw how Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s relationship went cold, which is why we can also see how they split up in 1996.

As part of the upcoming Season 6 of The Crown, events from the late 1990s through the beginning of the 2000s are expected to be covered. 

Throughout the show The Crown, each episode takes place over a period of a decade or more. Although Netflix hasn’t revealed anything about what’s going to happen in Crown Season 6, we can speculate based on significant moments in Queen Elizabeth II’s reign during the period.

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The Crown Season 6 Trailer

Currently, there is no trailer available for season 6 of the show. However, just to keep you guys updated, we have included a link to the trailer for season 5. In case you have not watched it yet, you can watch it now just by clicking the link that has been mentioned below:

Where To Watch The Crown Season 6?

If you are wondering where you can see this fantastic true story, you have come to the right place. On Netflix, you can watch all the previous seasons of The Crown that have been released so far. And season 6 of the series will be released on Netflix too.

Final Word

There have been a lot of details that are required for Season 6 of The Crown that we have discussed in this article. This article aims to help you understand the series better, and we hope it will do that.

It is well known that Netflix’s The Crown is one of the most popular series available to viewers.

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